Projects Wish List

Projects Wish List

torchDo you want to get involved?  Here's how.  There are many interesting projects with potentially broad impact that are looking for energetic developers.  Many activities are support the rapid evolution and development of the X3Dv4 specification.

Motivated individuals with software development skills and Web authoring experience are welcome to start, or help develop, any of these candidate projects.  Diverse talents are needed... maybe you too?  There are excellent opportunities here!

All contributors are welcome to use the x3d-public mailing list (subscribe) for planning and design discussions.  We are currently reviewing and improving this page each week as part of X3D Working Group.  TODO edit, fix HTML source on this page.

Available Projects

  1. Blender.  Very important, much work has progressed and efforts are well developed, has achievable goals.
  2. HTML5 support for X3D4
  1. 3. Example X3D scenes for the open-source X3D Examples archives showing:
  2. Unity Game Manager support for X3D exporter and X3D scene loader:
  3. 3D printer and scanner support for X3D:
  4. Support for publishing X3D models
  1. X3D Conversions capabilities:
  2. X3D Server virtual machine autoconfiguration:
  3. Image support
  4. X3D Unified Object Model for Scene Access Interface (SAI) integration with major tools and applications:
  5. More candidate projects can follow... additional project proposals are welcome.

Recognition Possibilities

Web3D Consortium wants to help incentivize these efforts.  Candidate awards for great work include:

  • Consortium announcements on website and Twitter giving credit and announcing availability.
  • One year's free Professional Membership in Web3D Consortium.
  • Free registration for the next VR Hackathon or Web3D Conference.
  • Bragging rights in some kind of Web3D Developers Hall of Fame.
  • Web3D members who really want certain results might offer special rewards.
  • Got questions or ideas?  Please Contact Us.

Further Improvements to Projects Wish List

Web3D Consortium is happy to add new projects here.

Is the list growing too large? We may need to avoid collecting too many - that's a good problem to have!

Additional ideas welcome, thanks for considering the possibilities.