The X3D Graphics Working Group addresses all X3D specification issues and coordinates the technical development of future improvements.

X3D Graphics Working Group

The Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics Working Group forms the core of the working groups within the Web3D Consortium. It is responsible for the development of specification of core technologies for the X3D Specifications, and the integration of the specifications for non-core technologies and coordinating the technical aspects of all Web3D working group efforts.

The WG was formed in 1999 to handle new technology updates and shortcomings in VRML. It produced X3D V3.0, an evolutionary progression from VRML 97, in 2003 as an ISO Specification (ISO/IEC 19775-1). The intiial document is the abstract description of capabilities. It was followed by X3D's API - Scene Access Interface (SAI), three encodings (ClassicVRML, XML, and Compressed Binary), and two SAI language bindings (JavaScript and Java).

X3D V3.3 is finishing the ISO process. It contains signifincant enhancements and capabilities from the original V3.0, including shaders, geo-spatial handling, 3D volume rendering, and 2D geometry.

The WG is pursuing the next advancement of the specification for V3.4 and a significant expansion of the standardization to support HTML5 and WebGL. X3DOM has been adopted as the prototype for X3D V4 and compatible extensions with X3D V3.4 are being developed.


  • The WG is spearheading the Consortium's Call for Contributions for Compressed Binary Encoding for X3D.
  • Develop and manage the process of getting ISO status of International Standard for V3.3 of the X3D specification
  • The WG meets every week to discuss, develop, and approve the current topics. These include reviewing new technologies, integration of submitted technologies, and interfacing with external organizations for X3D.
Leonard Daly, Daly Realism
Don Brutzman, Naval Postgraduate School