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In commemoration of the Web3D 20th anniversary Fraunhofer announces new releases of X3DOM(1.7) and Instant Reality(2.5.1)
2015 Jun 18
Web3D 2015 Conference, 18-21 June 2015 in Crete, Greece. We are celebrating 20 years of innovation. Come join this community and broaden your knowledge in 3D technology.
2015 Jun 14
Another successful VR Hackathon with amazing innovations. A big thank you to our sponsors and our 15 participating team.
2015 May 26
Web3D Consortium at the IoT World Event
2015 May 15
Two Web3D Members (Leonard Daly and Dr. Meghan Coakley from NIH) will present at Los Angeles DrupalCon 2015 on their experience of integrating X3D into Drupal websites. As part of their presentations, Mr. Daly will present on creating stereoscopic views of 3D models and Dr. Coakley on NIH's X3DOM Drupal module and using Drupal as a content creation system.
2015 May 9
Web3D Consortium showcasing X3D technology and geospatial applications at the annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington D.C. discussing the value of open standards for land planning and development.
2015 Mar 26
Microsoft's Cloud commercial featuring Virginia Tech Professor Dr. Wu Feng and his work to 'Compute the Cure', includes visualization of scientific data using Web3D open standards X3D.
2015 Feb 6
In time for the holidays, a maintenance release of X3DOM is now available.
2014 Dec 19


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2015 Aug 10 (All day) to 2015 Aug 13 (All day)
Los Angeles Convention Center, California, USA