Public Mailing Lists

The Web3D Consortium supports a number of public mailing lists. Anyone may subscribe to any of these mailing lists or access the archives.

  • x3d-public is a public discussion list on all topics related to the authoring and use of Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics.
  • heritage is a public discussion list for the Cultural and Natural Heritage working group.
  • www-vrml is a public discussion list on all topics related to Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML97).
  • source mailing list is for Xj3D, jgeom and other open-source software projects sponsored by the Web3D Consortium.

You can stay further informed with our News and Events page, our Calendar, and also via Twitter@Web3dConsortium.

Nearby: Members-only Consortium mailing lists include CAD, Geospatial (X3D Earth), Humanoid Animation (H-Anim), Medical, and X3D Graphics Working Groups.  The mailman site shows all lists.


Mailing list archive links
Mailing Lists Current Mail Archives (April 2009 and later) Original Mail Archives (prior to April 2009)
x3d-public x3d-public mail archives original archives
heritage heritage mail archives none, established June 2015.
www-vrml www-vrml mail archives original archives
source source code mail archives original archives
web3d-announce web3d-announce mail archives original archives

Archives of all Web3D Consortium mailing lists are carefully maintained. The mail management software was changed on 1 April 2009, resulting in different archive and retrieval systems. Table entries should access the correct version of the archives.

Inactive Lists

There are no inactive public lists.