Web3D Board of Directors

The Web3D Consortium Board of Directors considers and makes strategic decisions on behalf of all Web3D Consortium members. Web3D Consortium Board members exercise influence over the development and adoption of Web3D standards. They also provide valuable industry expertise to support the forward-thinking market strategy of the Consortium.

The Web3D Consortium Board has three primary roles: to establish policies, to make strategic decisions, and to oversee the organization's activity. They oversee management, finances, and quality; set strategic direction; build community relationships; establish ethical standards, values, and compliance. The Board typically meets twice each month via teleconference, as scheduled on the Calendar. Agenda topics of interest are welcome. 

For more information about the Web3D Board of Directors (BoD) elections and responsibilities, please see our By-LawsYou are welcome to contact the Web3D Board by sending email to our Executive Director - Anita Havele.

Elected Positions

Dr. Michael Aratow
Professional Member

Michael Aratow is Chief Medical Information Officer of San Mateo Medical Center, an integrated delivery network which is part of the nation’s Safety Net institutions. Besides working for ICD10 readiness, Meaningful Use and management of three different Electronic Medical Records, he is currently helping to direct the business intelligence strategy for San Mateo County Health System and also promotes clinical innovation through piloting solutions from early stage companies.  He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Clinical Informatics and continues to practice.  Michael received his MD degree from the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and his Emergency Medicine training at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County.  He performed a research fellowship at UCSD School of Medicine in Orthopedics and was a research consultant at NASA/Ames Research Center in basic physiology and virtual environment projects.  Besides being a member of the Board, Michael is Co-Chair of the Medical Working Group of the Web3D Consortium.

Dr. Johannes Behr
Organization Member
supporting Fraunhofer IGD
Dr. Johannes Behr

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Behr received his M. Sc. diploma in Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Wolverhampton in 1996. From 1997-2004 he was working as a research assistant within the Visual Computing department of the Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung (ZGDV). Areas of interests where Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Stereo Vision and 3D Interaction Techniques. Since 2005 Johannes Behr is working at the Fraunhofer Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung (IGD). In 2005 he has received his doctoral degree from the Darmstadt University of Technology. The title of his thesis is “Avalon – A scalable Framework for dynamic Mixed Reality Applications“. From 2008 to 2010 was he leading the VR-group of the "Virtual and Augmented Reality" department. He is now the head of the "Visual Computing System Technologies"  department which coordinates the current and future efforts to develop the InstantReality and the X3DOM frameworks.

Dr. Don Brutzman
Directing Member
supporting Naval Postgraduate School
Don Brutzman

Don Brutzman is a computer scientist and Associate Professor working in the Modeling Virtual Environments & Simulation (MOVES) Institute at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey California.  Currently he cochairs the Extensible 3D (X3D) and X3D CAD Working Groups for the Web3D Consortium.  Together with Leonard Daly he is coauthor of the book X3D Graphics for Web Authors, published April 2007 by Morgan Kaufmann.  He is a retired naval submarine officer.  His research interests include real-time 3D computer graphics, underwater robotics, artificial intelligence, and high-performance networking.

Dr. Vincent Marchetti
Professional Member

Vincent Marchetti is a consultant currently working  on projects involving GPS applications for surveying and the construction industry, and machine learning techniques for financial market analysis and bioinformatics. He has developed X3D applications for landfill management and is currently working on using the X3D standard as a tool for visualization of CAD/CAM information represented in STEP files. A component of this work is an online web application that extracts solid models from STEP files and renders them as X3D or X3DOM content.

He received a Ph.D. in Physics from Cornell University for work in experimental atomic physics and has held teaching positions at Oberlin College and Clarkson University.

Mr. Mike McCann
Organization Member
supporting Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

As a software engineer in the Support Engineering Group, Mike develops and supports applications and systems for acquiring, storing, and visualizing MBARI collected data. There are interesting challenges in the effort to glean information from the diverse collections of data that MBARI has the unique capabilities to acquire.

To provide good service Mike draws on his background in physical oceanography, scientific visualization, and his volunteer service at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Before coming to MBARI in February 1996 Mike worked for 11 years at the Naval Postgraduate School, the last few years of which he spent analyzing and visualizing the output from various versions of eddy-resolving global ocean circulation models.

Mr. Christophe Mouton
Directing Member
supporting EDF
Mr. Christophe Mouton

A graduate from Telecom SudParis, Christophe MOUTON joined the CAD team of the R&D center of Electricty of France, the French Power utility in 2001. In charge of studying remote collaborative visualization for EDF scientists, he has been investigating the Web3D technology since 2003 at the Web3D ACM Conference in Saint Malo (France).

EDF became a member of the Web3D Consortium in 2004 and helped  ISO to adopt the X3D binary standard with XIOT, the first opensource API library to read and write X3D binary files.

In 2008 he built one of the major displaywalls in Europe, creating a full web access to remote graphics resources: VisuPortal. In 2011 he moved ito the nuclear engineering unit of EDF and he is now in charge of the standardization expertise for 3D mock-up, massive 3D visualization for the Web and data handover for EDF Plants projects.

He is member of the board of the Web3D Consortium since 2012.

His scientific papers can be found at: http://independent.academia.edu/christopheMouton

Dr. David Oyarzun
Organization Member
supporting Vicomtech

Dr.-Eng. David Oyarzun is the Director of the Interactive Computer Graphics department at Vicomtech. He studied Computer Engineering in the University of the Basque Country. He received his Ph.D. in the field of 3D Virtual Environments standardization from the University of the Basque Country. From 2001 to 2003, he gained experience in topics such as biometric access control systems for networks or Artificial Intelligence. From 2003, he is working in Vicomtech. He is member of the 3D Internet and Digital Contents advisory boards of Spanish AMETIC platform, which is composed by the main ICT companies, universities and research centres. He has several publications in topics related with 3D graphics in international conferences and journals (complete list: https://scholar.google.es/citations?user=hCx-5oMAAAAJ&hl=es) and he is usual IPC member of conferences and reviewer of several journals. He is also external scientific expert in the Spanish Agency of Innovation, being evaluator of Spanish Calls for R&D projects.

Dr. Nicholas Polys
Directing Member
supporting Virginia Tech

Nicholas F. Polys is Director of Visual Computing with Virginia Tech Research Computing Group and Affiliate Research Professor in the Department of Computer Science. He has developed interactive 3D graphic content and systems for over 15 years. His research interests lie at the center of graphics and Human Computer Interaction: the intersection of visualization, virtual environments, and perception. After his undergraduate research in Cognitive Science at Vassar College (1996), he jumped into the networked information space of the WWW developing audio, visual, and 3D assets and software. His doctoral work at Virginia Tech (2006) examined perceptual cues and layout behaviors for Information-Rich Virtual Environments for desktop to immersive platforms.

He is a member of ACM, IEEE Computer Society, and the Web3D Consortium. He is a co-author of the international standard (ISO) Extensible 3D (X3D), elected Director and President of the Web3D Consortium, and Chair of the Web3D Medical Working Group.

Mr. Michael Russalesi
Vice President
Organization Member
supporting Synergy Software Design

Michael Russalesi is currently the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Synergy Software Design, LLC. Michael is also responsible for business development, user interface/experience design, and software development. Under his lead, Synergy deployed to the Navy an all-digital web-based solution for specialized facility inspections (SPIDERS). SPIDERS has reduced the total cost of Navy specialized facility inspections by 30%. Michael also lead the team that deployed the first and only enterprise 3D facility planning tool to the Navy that utilizes X3D. He has been contracting with the Navy for 12 years and has worked on various tasks ranging from project management, scanning services, and custom software programming to marketing and outreach.

Non-Elected Positions

Ms. Anita Havele
Executive Director
Web3D Staff

Anita Havele has over 15 years’ of experience in computer graphics, and a strong background in technical marketing of open standards in 2D/3D graphics. She has developed strategic roadmaps to build and deliver next-generation new media 3D successfully.  She has extensive experience in developing and managing programs for promotion and adoption of standards. She is currently the executive director of the Web3D Consortium implementing strategic plans for the global growth and adoption of the Consortium’s standards and 3D technology. She also co-ordinates and work with other standard organizations such as W3C, OGC, ISO and Khronos.

Before joining the Web3D Consortium her standards work extended to the automotive industry as part of a leading group at GM/EDS standardizing the design engineering processes. The nonconformance and revenue loss at GM lead to her strong support of open standards for advancement of emerging technologies. After leaving EDS she continued her involved in standards development developing methodologies and standards procedures in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the automotive design analysis industry. 

She is a member of ACM, IEEE Computer Society, and the Web3D Consortium. She holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Marquette University, USA.

Dr. Richard F. Puk
ISO Liaison
Liaison Member
Dr. Richard F. Puk

Richard is the technical expert from the United States and the United Kingdom and currently serves as ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24/WG6 Convener. This involves editing and/or reviewing draft standards in the areas of computer graphics, imaging, and environmental representation.

He is also the Co-editor of the VRML, H-Anim, and X3D specifications and liaison from ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24 to the Web3D Consortium. Member of X3D, Medical, and X3D Earth WGs. 

Richard provides computer graphics consulting, design, and implementation services with an emphasis on computer graphics standard to clients including Megatek Corporation, Naval Postgraduate School, the Defense Modeling and Simulation Office, the Web3D Consortium, and Yumetech (web graphics development). 

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from  Purdue University.