Case Studies

X3D has broad adoption internationally and across many different industries. From design, engineering, science, to training and healthcare, X3D is being deployed for numerous mission and business critical applications. Web3D's goal is to enable these diverse economies through the interoperability and durabilty of interactive 3D information.

Preoperative study and inspection of complicated disorders has been limited to review of images and image slices. This project brings anatomically correct 3D printed models to the surgeon prior to operation so the surgeon can fully understand the state of the organ prior to making the first incision. A 3D printed heart using the X3D standard helps surgeons rethink their strategy and make better surgical decisions.

A common saying is “All is marketing”. No wonder that in so many cases sports stadiums are used as an advertising platform. But to acquire new sponsors is often harder than it should be. Due to the state of the art X3D technology a stadium not only can be modeled, but also can be augmented with different useful applications, like interactivity, online readiness, high quality imaging and others. The German 3D software developer Bitmanagement has recently received an order from one of the most famous Soccer Clubs in Germany, Schalke 04, to support efforts of the club to strengthen its marketing capabilities.

Citizens, who are paying for public projects, react more and more sensitive on wasted public money. They do not only want to know more about an impact of a public project in their community, but also like to be involved in such planning. Now public authorities can get much more public participation of citizens. Based on an interactive, online ready 3D model everybody can catch up on a public project in many ways, becoming a public domain by being distributed via internet. It may save time and money. Bitmanagement is showing the solution for a huge traffic-related project.

At Virginia Tech Advanced Research Computing’s Visionarium lab, X3D is used extensively to manage, exchange and view 3D models, animations and applications.

SAFAS is a curriculum-support application for Architecture students learning Structural Engineering.

  • Explanatory Resources include multimedia on fundamentals and case studies.
  • Interactive Resources include X3D client (Xj3D) coupled with web-based simulation service (SAP) and courseware management (Scholar).

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The Challenge: Citymodels are often created by hand making it expensive and time consuming to cover large areas. Now textured 3D models of complete cities at a resolution of 4 inch per pixel can be constructed automatically within days and visualized with the fast BS Contact GEO viewer of Bitmanagement on the web.

The Challenge: Making the heart of the important Spanish 9th century medieval pilgrimage route, Santiago de Compostela, available in 3D to the general public The Solution The Spanish multimedia company Dualmultimedia in Barcelona used X3D based Octaga player to provie 3D viewers an interactive and immersive experience with their enhanced modeli

3dduo wanted to develop a massive multiplayer immersive 3D virtual game. They selected Bitmanagement because of their capabilities.