X3D & VRML, The Most Widely Used 3D Formats

Hamburg Soccer Club by BitmanagementIn 1995, VRML became the first web based 3D format. VRML was unique because it supported 3D geometry, animation, and scripting. In 1997, VRML was ISO certified and continued to attract a large following of artists and engineers. VRML is the most widely supported 3D format for tools and viewers, and it is a direct subset of X3D (where the X stands for Extensibility).

In 2001, X3D joined our family as an XML encoding of VRML. X3D added shaders, geo-location, and other cutting edge 3D features along with custom support for users in medicine, CAD, GIS, AR/VR, 3D Printing and Scanning and other important use areas. You can download a custom editor to interactively and graphically create your X3D world on your PC.

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