Web3D  Webinar Series 

Starting with our Web3D member meeting, Web3D consortium announces a series of educational  webinars on X3D technology.

  • Connect with a global community of 3D application and content developers.
  • Explore the latest innovations and advancements in interactive X3D graphics. 
  • Hear from our strategic members as they outline our strategy and activities of Web3D Consortium. 
  • See member use cases and explore your possibilities of building open 3D applications.  

Web3D is making lifetime 3D easily attainable, interoperable, and reusable through our active member community. JOIN WEB3D * CREATE X3D  and partner with us as we build the next generation OPEN 3D platform! These free webinars are open to all. Sign up now!

Webinar Schedule: These webinars will be recorded and archived to our YouTube Channel. 

Web3D Member Meeting


3 Aug 2020 10AM-1PM EDT Annual report, Roadmap, Case Studies, WG activities and X3D4
Learn X3D


4 Aug 2020 10AM-1PM EDT Learn to Build and Publish in X3D. Industry Examples.
X3D Browsers


5 Aug 2020 10AM-1PM EDT OpenSource X3D Browsers FreeWRL, X3DOM, X_ITE, Castle Game Engine
X3D Authoring Tools


6 Aug 2020 10AM-1PM EDT TITANIA and White Dune