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2020 Aug 20
SIGGRAPH 2020 will be held online.The Web3D Consortium and its members will exhibit and present the latest innovations in interactive Web3D, specifically the new X3D4 specification. X3D4 has a new generation of features for better integration with HTML5 and the Semantic Web, gltf and Physically-Based Rendering, and WebAudio. Visit us in our virtual booth.
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2020 Apr 22
X3D Quick Start 2020 (three hours total!) provides X3D Introduction and Technology Overview, X3D Ecosystem, X3D Applications and X3D Authoring.

Nicholas Polys

2019 Jul 25
We are seeing an explosion of interactive 3D content on the Web with WebGL now widely supported by browsers, tools such as X3D, X3DOM, X_ITE, three.js, glTF, and A-Frame. Today, anyone can create Web3D content for virtual any domain or application. Commercial game engines such as Unity, Unreal, and Castle3D offer more ways to integrate open specifications and Standard formats in their applications. Join us in Los Angeles, California July 26-28, 2019 as we explore the many applications and benefits of publishing in the WWW ecosystem!

Join us at this year’s Annual ACM Web3D 2019 Conference, which unites Web3D researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, artists and con

2018 Aug 8
Publish your 3D models to the Web! Discover how Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics, the ISO-IEC International Standard for 3D Graphics on the Web, can help you share your 3D between any source and delivery platform. This robust, time-tested standard is being highlighted August 12-16 at the SIGGRAPH 2018 conference in Vancouver, Canada. Attend our discussion sessions to learn now using open standards solutions can increase your product's market value and presence across domains. - PRWEB, Mountain View, California - August 8, 2018

The Web3D Consortium is showcasing the latest enterprise solutions for open interactive and Immersive 3D solutions from August 12-16

2018 Jun 10
The 23rd Web3D 2018 Conference at the Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poznan, Poland (June 20-22, 2018) will emphasize new innovations and applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality and 3D Graphics through papers, presentations, tutorials, and panel discussions.

This June brings the annual showcase event for the advancement of the Web3D graphics community at the 23nd Web3D 2018 Conference at the Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poznan, Poland (June 20-22, 201

2018 May 31
Health Level Seven® International (HL7®) and Web3D Consortium® have signed a Statement of Understanding to cooperatively advance their standards to support Web-based X3D visualization, modeling and simulation of health data. This agreement formalizes the mutual interest of the two organizations to build cohesive technology standards.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA AND ANN ARBOR, MI, USA May 31, 2018 – Health Level Seven International (HL7), the global authority for interoperability in healthcare information technology (IT), and Web3D Consortium (Web3D), the international organization for the deliv

2017 Jul 26
Prepare to be amazed by the depth and breadth of this Web3D graphics community. Come visit us on the show floor in Booth 306. Network with leading Web3D technologists and join the efforts to build the open, standard, royalty free 3D Web.

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2017 May 26
Prepare to be amazed by the depth and breadth of the Web3D graphics community at the 22nd Web3D 2017 Conference in Brisbane, Australia (5-7 June 2017). This influential international conference emphasizes the importance of Virtual and Augmented Reality and 3D Graphics in a wide range of application domains through presentations, tutorials, and discussions. Join us to grow the 3D Web!

May 26, 2017  Mountain View, California 


2016 Jul 18
Web3D Consortium will showcase open interactive and Immersive 3D solutions for the Web. Prepare to be amazed by the depth and breadth of this Web3D graphics community at Web3D 2016 and SIGGRAPH 2016 conferences in Anaheim, California - July 22-28, 2016 . This year’s theme “3D for All” emphasizes the importance of 3D graphics and printing, including virtual and augmented reality for use in various application domains, including: industry, medicine, entertainment, education, social interactions, and geographical information systems. Join us to build the future 3D Web!

Web3D Consortium ( and ACM SIGGRAPH will showcase interactive and immersive 3D solutions at Web3D 2016/22-24 July ( and SIGGRAPH 2016/25-28 July (

2016 Feb 29
John Carlson and Andreas Plesch are major contributors in the X3D Graphics community. The Web3D Consortium is proud to recognize their important efforts and award them with Professional Membership for 2016.

The Web3D Consortium members work closely with community participants to advance 3D Graphics on the Web.  The Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics International Standard has always been spurred forward by volunteer contributions and broad public review.