X3D Conformance Testing Program

X3D Conformance MarkThe Conformance Testing Program is intended to promote consistent and reliable implementations of the X3D specification by many vendors across multiple platforms. This consistency will help drive rapid evaluation, deployment and acceptance of the X3D standard for real-time interactive 3D visualization.

The X3D Conformance Suite uses a diverse set of 3D rendering and behavior examples to verify and validate that hardware and/or software faithfully execute the X3D interchange profile. The Suite consists of 120 tests covering 12 (twelve) components ranging from networking and rendering to animation and navigation. In order for a product to claim X3D conformance and use the X3D trademark, it must correctly and fully implement at least 95% of the discretionary tests, and 100% of all mandatory tests. This level of rigor will ensure developers and consumers can depend on the integrity and robustness of products featuring the X3D trademark - X3D content will render as expected and that it will render the same way on any X3D conformant product on any device (e.g. desktop PC, digital set top TV box, mobile phone) using any operating system.

Access to the X3D Conformance Test Suite will be available to any interested company. There is a one-time Test Suite access fee that is waived for current Web3D members. The Conformance Process document defines a peer review Conformance Testing Procedure by which conformant products may use the X3D trademark, available after paying a Conformance Test submission fee that covers the costs of development and maintenance of the Conformance Program.

You will need to download and review the attached "X3D Conformance Test Process Document" (pdf, 116KB).

Fees for Conformance Testing

Interchange Profile Fees Organizational Member Non-Member Professional
Test Suite Access Free $1,000 Free
1st Platform $2,000 $5,500 Not Applicable
Additional Platforms $500 $500 Not Applicable


Non-Member payment for Test Suite Access

If paying by check:
Web3D Consortium
650 Castro Street
Suite #120-490
Mountain View, CA 94041
Fax: 248 457 8018

If paying by Wire Transfer:
Please contact us for the details