2021 Feb 27
Web3D Consortium announces Versar, Inc. joining as a Directing Member taking a leadership role in developing open solutions using X3D. As Web3D distribution channels mature, there is considerable interest in improving the handling of interactive 3D using X3D4 Graphics Standard capabilities as the public-facing presentation layer. This convergence is exciting with the recent government contract to Swift River Versar JV to reduce the effects of land corrosion at U.S. Naval facilities. We welcome Versar to the Web3D community.

February 22, 2021 ( - By joining  the Web3D Consortium as a directing member Versar, Inc. continues pursuing its mission of both preservation and access by providing sustainable solutions in construction and environment domains. Versar, Inc.

2021 Feb 23
Web3D and Khronos have signed a liaison agreement to cooperatively advance their standards to support Web-based 3D visualization, modeling and streaming. This agreement formalizes the mutual interest of the two organizations to build cohesive ecosystems of related technology standards including X3D and glTF.

2020 Dec 15
X3D Version 4 open for Web3D member comments and vote after which the Web3D Consortium will be submitting X3D4 specifications for ISO/IEC ratification in February 2021, The ability to review the v4 standard and provide comments and feedback for consideration by the Board and X3D Working Group is an important privilege of Consortium membership. We encourage you to to Join the Consortium and take advantage of this opportunity.

Preparation of latest version of our X3D standard represents a years-long effort by many past and present Consortium members.

2020 Dec 10
What a great and eventful week at our first virtual Web3D 2020 Conference. Congratulations to our Winners!

The year 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Web3D Conference, focused steadily on sharing and learning with real-time interactive 3D.

2020 Nov 1
This month we are celebrating 25 year of Web3D Conference! 25 years of excellence, innovation and promotion of open 3D technologies! Web3D 2020 Conference to be held on-line from 9-13 November 2020. Registration is Free.

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2020 Oct 7
Web3D Consortium continues its mission to promote open interactive 3D through advancements to draft ISO standard X3D4. Our community is implementing business-critical 3D applications, adopting many related 3D technologies and trends. Every month we curate multiple topics to help provide clarity around the future of X3D graphics and it’s ecosystem. We begin with X3D Version 4.0.

October 2020 Highlights: 

X3D Version 4 – Integrating X3D into HTML5.

Web3D 2020 Virtual Conference 9-13 November 2020.


2020 Aug 20
SIGGRAPH 2020 will be held online.The Web3D Consortium and its members will exhibit and present the latest innovations in interactive Web3D, specifically the new X3D4 specification. X3D4 has a new generation of features for better integration with HTML5 and the Semantic Web, gltf and Physically-Based Rendering, and WebAudio. Visit us in our virtual booth.
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2020 Aug 14
CADExchanger SDK 3.8.1, new version supports not only export but also import of X3D. Now it's possible to view and explore the files and convert them to VRML, OBJ, STL, and many other formats.

X3D support in CADExchanger SDK 3.8.1: new version supports not only export but also import of X3D.
    Now possible to view and explore the files and convert them to VRML, OBJ, STL, and many other formats.

2020 Aug 3
X3Dv4 implementations are under way. X3D® Version 4 (X3Dv4) is a major upgrade to the Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics International Standard that provides close support for the HTML5 Recommendation. X3Dv4 (WD2) draft specification is available to public now!

Update!  Please see Working Draft 2 (WD2) release 3 August 2020.

The Web3D Consortium's release page and 

2020 Jul 18
Starting with our Web3D member meeting,Web3D consortium announces a series of Webinars. Register Now!

News: this event is complete and online!  Please see the Web3D Webinars for these great sessions.