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Web3D Consortium continues its mission to promote open interactive 3D through advancements to draft ISO standard X3D4. Our community is implementing business-critical 3D applications, adopting many related 3D technologies and trends. Every month we curate multiple topics to help provide clarity around the future of X3D graphics and it’s ecosystem. We begin with X3D Version 4.0.

October 2020 Highlights: 

X3D Version 4 – Integrating X3D into HTML5.

Web3D 2020 Virtual Conference 9-13 November 2020.


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The ability to access 3D graphics hardware from within the Web browser is a true game changer. As Web browsers have improved the speed of JavaScript engines, they have provided everyone access to graphics hardware through WebGL. The result is a performant mix of declarative content, procedural graphics, and event-based logic. As new technologies and features stabilize and standards evolve, 3D graphics developers have the archival stability of well-tested long-lasting specifications to build upon.

 Web3D Consortium’s X3D Version 4.0 is leveraging many of the lessons learned from the W3C Declarative 3D Community and open source plugin-free WebGL, to integrate  X3D into HTML5. Open source implementation of X3DOM and X_ITE, both JavaScript X3D implementations have demonstrated integration with WebGL, glTF, HTML5 and the DOM. 

A high-level view of these leading open formats and how and why they should be used together is detailed in the blog, Integrating X3D and glTF.

Our annual Web3D Conference ” 3D for a Hyperconnected World” will be held virtually from 9-13 November 2020. Registration is free and open. Follow us on twitter and get updates at Web3D News and Events.

 X3D Box Cube Model and full post

Web3D recent posts 

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