BOX OF X3D - Web3D 2020 - 25th Anniversary

This month we are celebrating 25 year of Web3D Conference! 25 years of excellence, innovation and promotion of open 3D technologies! Web3D 2020 Conference to be held on-line from 9-13 November 2020. Registration is Free.

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This year’s theme “3D for a Hyperconnected World” highlights the growing and broader impact of high‑quality 3D content around the world through high-speed networks.  When the COVID19 pandemic struck, at first we thought that isolation was simply separating us apart.  Now it is clear that our world is becoming more hyperconnected than ever before.  We learn once again, from numerous stellar contributors, that 3D graphics has many fundamental roles to play in these challenging times. Execution this year has been exceptional due to the pandemic.

We welcome you to register and learn and share 3D innovation at Web3D Conference Program (Papers, Posters, Tutorials, Workshops and Demos). Free registration.

Work related to Web/mobile, 3D content creation, 3D printing, 3D publishing, 3D tools, and related studies in various application domains including education, healthcare, e-commerce, informatics, cultural heritage/tourism, entertainment, mass media, military, and construction (and many others) will be presented. ACM Digital Library publishes Web3D 2020 Papers and Posters on November 9, 2020. We hope you register and learn and connect with the Web3D community.

Special support Special support provided by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) grant funded by the Korean government enabled free registration for the Web3D 2020 Conference.  All presentations, videos and 3D models are published openly online for everyone.

Together we look forward to another 25 years of amazing progress that unlocks 3D for everyone everywhere, hyperconnected through the Web!  Highlights from our previous conferences.  25 years of Web3D Conference papers are available in ACM Digital

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Sun, 2020-11-01