2016 Feb 29
John Carlson and Andreas Plesch are major contributors in the X3D Graphics community. The Web3D Consortium is proud to recognize their important efforts and award them with Professional Membership for 2016.

The Web3D Consortium members work closely with community participants to advance 3D Graphics on the Web.  The Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics International Standard has always been spurred forward by volunteer contributions and broad public review.

2016 Feb 28
Dr. Nicholas Polys, President of the Web3D Consortium presents at Federal In-service Training day for AEC - February 23, 2016

Dr. Nicholas Polys recently returned from the Federal In-service Training day where he showcased the convergence of digital and physical infrastructure via Extensible 3D (X3D).

2016 Jan 14
Our first VR Hackathon in Europe starts this weekend. Jan 15-17, 2016. Looking forward to a weekend of innovation and challenge competition.

Our first VR Hackathon in Europe starts this weekend  in Brussels - Jan 15-17, 2016. A week-end of innovation and challenge competition. Think outside the box. Hack or Make #WEB3D VR. Industrial strength #X3D VR.

2015 Dec 11
Composed visualization of volumetric and polygonal data support in X3DOM

2015 Oct 22
The Blender 3D authoring tool now has improved support for X3D Graphics thanks to NIH 3D Print Exchange.

2015 Oct 11
A lot happened this summer! We are happy to release our latest Newsletter, which covers all of tremendous activity at the Web3D 2015 Conference in Crete and the SIGGRAPH 2015 Conference in Los Angeles.

The Web3D Fall 2015 Newsletter is released!

2015 Oct 9
The Blender Conference takes place 23-25 October 2015 at De Balie, Amsterdam.

The Blender Conference is an exciting annual event.  Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite.

2015 Jul 28
Web3D Consortium members will showcase 3D solutions for HTML5. Prepare to be amazed by the Web3D graphics community at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles August 10-13, 2015. The open standard Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics Standard provides a robust and durable medium for implementation of multimedia 3D systems on the Web. Visit Web3D in booth 1018 and attend one of our many Birds of a Feather meetings to see the progress and impact of the X3D standard for HTML5 and more.

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) July 28, 2015                                                                       

2015 Jul 27
X3D version 4 for 3D in HTML5 provides a fully scalable, interactive 3D environment building on the X3DOM implementation with backwards compatibility. Upon completion, the X3D version 4 specification will be submitted for ratification to ISO/IEC for international standardization, interoperability, long-term archival stability and royalty free use. Targeted delivery date for public draft is December 2015.

Mountain View, California (PRWEB) 27 July 2015                                                                       

2015 Jun 18
In commemoration of the Web3D 20th anniversary Fraunhofer announces new releases of X3DOM(1.7) and Instant Reality(2.5.1)

In  commemoration of the Web3D 20th anniversary Fraunhofer releases new versions of X3dom 1.7  and Instant Reality - 2.5.1