2013 Dec 2
Web3D Consortium elevates extension efforts for X3D in HTML5. It will be based on the X3DOM prototype with backwards compatibility with existing X3D V3.x content.

The Web3D Consortium members have reached a milestone in efforts to continue extending the Extensible 3D (X3D) International Standard.  Working group efforts to define and develop X3D version 4 have made excellent progress, continuing the evolution of open, royalty free ISO standards for 3D graph

2013 Nov 18
Virginia Tech is highlighting their visual-analytic X3D solutions at SuperComputing 2013 Conference

Virginia Tech will be exhibiting and presenting at the Supercomputing 2013 Conference in Denver, Colorado during the week of 18 November 2013.

2013 Nov 14
Web3D Presents X3D at AEC Hackathon at Facebook

Don Brutzman from the Web3D Consortium attended the AEC Hackathon from 8-10 November on the campus of Facebook. He gave a quick survey of capabilities and opportunities for this community when content is exported to X3D.

2013 Nov 5
The Web3D Consortium announces the community and public review of the Abstract SAI Draft International Standard ballot Comment Document.

The Web3D Consortium is offering the community an opportunity to review the ISO/IEC 19775-2 (Abstract SAI) Draft International Standard (DIS) ballot Comment Document.

2013 Nov 1
model/x3d+xml approved as registered MIME type.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has approved Web3D Consortium's requests to register new MIME media types for X3D media in the XML encoding.

The primary MIME media type is model/x3d+xml. This identifier shall be used when sending XML-encoded X3D content using MIME.

2013 Aug 16
Call for Contributions providing "Hello World" scenes for many nations!

Many people know about the X3D scene HelloWorld.x3d which shows the basic structure and syntax of the language.

2013 Jul 17
Web3D member, Bitmanagement Software launches BS Content Studio (beta) at Siggraph 2013 in Anaheim, USA.

New authoring tool allows 3D developers for easy and fast creation of 3D scenes and applications / New graphical interface export to X3Dom with WebGL working without the need for using plug-in’s and is supported by BS content studio / 3D plug-in’s still to be applied in MS Internet Explorer on Wi

2013 Jul 17
Amazing innovative X3D solutions for HTML5 and the 3D Web will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2013 in BoFs, Tech Talk, and the Exhibition.

SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, California July 21-25 is the largest annual conference for computer graphics.

2013 Jun 18
Web3D Consortium member Vicomtech hosts the Web3D 2013 Conference in San Sebastian, Spain. Vicomtech's Associate Director, Jorge Posada is Chair of the conference focusing on new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies.

The Web3D Consortium appreciate the efforts of the many individuals and organizations that worked to put together the Web3D 2013conference in San Sebastian, Spain at the Miramar Palace - Donostia from 19-22 June 2013.

2013 Jun 13
The 18th annual International Web3D Conference will showcase X3D. The program includes paper presentations, tutorials, workshops and our ever popular Web3D Showcase.
Transforming 3D: The 18th Annual Web3D Conference celebrates innovative 3D Summary: