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Prepare to be amazed by the depth and breadth of the Web3D graphics community at the 22nd Web3D 2017 Conference in Brisbane, Australia (5-7 June 2017). This influential international conference emphasizes the importance of Virtual and Augmented Reality and 3D Graphics in a wide range of application domains through presentations, tutorials, and discussions. Join us to grow the 3D Web!
2017 May 26
Virtual Reality Hackathon 1 week away. Come join us - Unleash your creativity and pitch your ideas 2-4 June 2017 - Brisbane Power house.
2017 May 26
Titania 3.0.1 release with new features
2017 Apr 11
This annual competition is dedicated to showing how H-Anim and X3D Graphics standards can be used for creating music videos. This competition is organized by the Korean Standards Association (KSA), Web3D Consortium, and Korean National Radio Research Agency (RRA) with support by the Korea Society for Standards and Standardization (SSS).
2017 Feb 18
Web3D 2017: The 22nd International Conference on 3D Web Technology - VR Hackathon Preceding the Conference
2016 Dec 23
Happy Holidays! And thank you for another year of innovation and progress!
2016 Dec 21
Fraunhofer IGD announces 1.7.2 Version release of X3DOM! This release contains improvement and bug fixes. Congratulations to the Fraunhofer IGD team and other contributors, making X3DOM a great project for declarative 3D!
2016 Dec 19
VR Hackathon Award Ceremony Highlights - Web3D Consortium organized and sponsored VR Hackathon @web3dconsortium @vrhackathon San Francisco 4 DEC 2016. Thank you to our Host Microsoft Reactor, our Judges and most of all our Hackers! Congratulations to our Winners!
2016 Dec 4