Collaborative 3D Visualization for Ashore, Afloat and Expeditionary Readiness Workshop

Virginia Tech and Web3D Consortium hosted a one-day workshop to provide presentations to Naval enterprise leaders on the use of collaborative Web-based #X3D visualization techniques by Government, Academia and Industry practitioners.
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Friday, 2019, December 6 - 12:00am
Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center, 900 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22203. Falls Church room, second floor.

Virginia Tech and Web3D Consortium hosted a one-day workshop to provide presentations to Naval enterprise leaders on the use of collaborative Web-based #X3D visualization techniques by Government, Academia and Industry practitioners.

The workshop was intended to foster networking and showcase current and emerging capabilities for enterprise-scale, networked geo-enabled 3D communications. Increasing shared understanding and technical coordination agility can be feasibly adapted to improve digital connectedness, accelerate consensus/decision making processes across systems engineering, advance planning conceptualization, and collaborative virtual rehearsal for ashore & afloat logistics activities. Building shared priorities adds value for everyone. Workshop participants discussed their reactions "around the room" together, sharing ideas about opportunities and potential synergies that can further the art of the possible to realize shared innovation.

The workshop showcased the benefits and strengths of using the Web3D Consortium’s Extensible 3D (X3D) open 3D standards for the WWW and included:

  • Demonstrations using 3D scanners, 3D software & 3D data storage, and processing proved compelling use cases for how the X3D standard can enable new realities of collaborative 3D visualization for you 

  • Overview of Web3D Standards and their value proposition in the ecology of 3D data representations and file formats 

  • Appreciation of the long-game of technology and information systems investments: born out with this open International Standard (ISO-IEC) and WWW community, including dozens of tools, pipelines, and engines.

Presentations from the workshop are listed below.

Twitter thread includes highlight points, photos, screenshots and links for everyone.  

The Workshop was a thrilling excursion into the art of the possible for interactive 3D Facilities, Logistics, Safety, and Heritage management. And as Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”  For each of our respective missions, we showed how critical it is that we demand interoperability, durability, and portability of our 3D assets, information systems, and services.

Looking ahead to 2020, we have an aggressive and impactful agenda. Web3D Consortium Members are technology leaders, driving several ISO-IEC Standards this year (see Addendum). Standards leadership insures a long-term and sustainable data strategy for any enterprise; in the era of Big Data, the requirements and benefits of interoperability are never more clear. 

As we continue to build new X3D features and Standards support for interactive 3D rendering and analytics (with GIS and Lidar analytics and domain-specific Metadata vocabularies), your applications and innovations can be woven into the fabric of the WWW ! Join us and push the future of Web3D! 

There has never been a better time to join as a voting Web3D Consortium Member and participate in its world-wide community efforts to extend the X3D Specification, its encodings, and its language binding APIs now and into the future!

X3D version 4.0 will be ratified by Web3D Members and sent to ISO-IEC this year for international ballot. New features include: improved point cloud rendering, volume rendering, and improved Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) and HTML5 and DOM support, among other improvements and extensions.

In addition to our extensive technical work, we have multiple upcoming outreach events this year, especially IEEE VR in Atlanta March 22-26 and SIGGRAPH 2020 in Washington DC on July 19-23. Web3D Consortium Members are welcome to participate in these and other marketing initiatives.  Please contact us for next steps!  

En route to common and interoperable Web3D platforms, we would welcome you to a Member or WG meeting to address your application and use case, and for you to directly see the value in joining our not-for-profit, member-driven organization!

Workshop Program

Web3D Consortium offers a tremendous Value Proposition.  

Enabling Enterprise Connectedness and Real-Time Networked Communications via ISO Standards.

Anita Havele (Web3D Executive Director) and Dr. Nicholas Polys (VT and Web3D President)

SPIDERS3D Collaborative Visualization for Navy and US Coast Guard Risk Assessment Support. 

Accelerating Pace of Group Understanding and Consensus.

Dr. Don Brutzman (NPS MOVES)



Virginia Tech (VT) 3D Blacksburg and VT Visionarium: Translating Theory into Real-World Practice.   

Exploring Software Infrastructures to Related Structure & Function in Dynamic Geo-enabled Systems.

Peter Sforza (Virginia Tech Director of Center for Geospatial IT) and Dr. Nicholas Polys (Virginia Tech Director of Visual Computing)


GeoReadiness Enterprise and SPIDERS3D Interoperability:

Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement.

Tom Cowan (Synergy Software Design) and Anthony Scardino (GISinc)

3D Models for Naval Underwater Archeology. 

Challenges and Requirements that Match Operational Needs.

Shanna Daniel (Naval History and Heritage Command, NHHC)

3D Metadata Model for Archival Data Publication. 

Identify Reference Terms, Create Exemplars, and Standardize Metadata Models that describe Digital Twins and Surrogates.

Dr. Nicholas Polys (Virginia Tech and Web3D)

3D Visualization for Contingency Preparation and Master Planning.

Enabling New Joint Service Collaboration Capabilities.

John Ouellette (VP, Versar)

VTARC building
scan image

Capability Demonstrations: Hand-Held Laser Scanning and Measurement. Large demonstration files: slideset and two movies.

Bill Gutelius (Qntfi Inc.)


Enabling Better Shore, Naval Expeditionary Readiness via Networked 3D Virtual Environments.

Model-Based Collaboration Capabilities Accelerate Pace of Technical Coordination and Planning Across Naval Commands.

Alex Viana (NAVFAC HQ) and Gerritt Lang (NAVFAC Engineering & Expeditionary Warfare Center)


Naval Innovation and Long-Term Impacts.

Exploring Future Benefits, Risks and Outcomes through Agility .

Dr. Dale Moore

NavalX Playbooks Provide Potential Pattern for Growth.

Sharing High-Impact Knowledge, Skills Across Naval Enterprise.

CDR Sam “Chubs” Gray USN, NavalX Tech Bridge National Director 



5D Virtual Environments Collaboration Capability.

Emerging SPIDERS3D Functionalities For Navy Decision Making.

Mike Russalesi (Founder and COO, Synergy Software Design) and Mark Senior (PointFuse)


and examples

X3D Best Practices for Computer-Aided Design CAD, 3D Printing, and 3D Scanning Applications.

Enable Visualization and Interchange of X3D Across Technologies.

Dr. Vince Marchetti (Kshell, Inc. and  Web3D), Dr. Nicholas Polys (VT),  Web3D Design Printing and Scanning Working Group)

video and presentation

Increasing Afloat Readiness via UAV 3D Scanning.

Accelerating 3D Ship Configuration Data to Shore Maintainers.

LT Todd Coursey (NSWC PHD) and Chuck Spaulding (Aerial Alchemy)

Converting LiDAR Scan Data to X3D Data.

Automating Point Cloud Data Conversion into 3D Mesh Models.

Mark Senior (Pointfuse)


and site

NPS Center for Additive Manufacturing and X3D Model Exchange for NPS Additive Manufacturing Makers.

Web-Based Additive Manufacturing and 3D Model Re-Use.

Dr. Amela Sadagic, Dr. Edward Rockower, and Dr. Don Brutzman (NPS MOVES Institute)

X3D Version 4 International Standard Update.

Specification Milestones, Multiple Implementations for HTML5 Publishing and (Emerging) X3D Semantic Web.

Anita Havele, Don Brutzman, Nicholas Polys, Vince Marchetti (Web3D Consortium)

X3D VE Requirements Review, Shared Action Items

  • Collected Requirements: Must Have, Like to Have, Don't Need
  • Timeline for workshop publication
  • Technology Deliverable Drumbeat
  • 2020 Proposal Opportunities

Milestones and Events Schedule

Anita Havele (Web3D Executive Director), Dr. Nicholas Polys (Web3D), Dr. Don Brutzman (NPS MOVES), Alex Viana (NAVFAC HQ)

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Wed, 2019-11-20