Geospatial Work in Progress


X3D has broad adoption across many different domains and industries. From geospatial, design, engineering, science, to training and healthcare, X3D is being deployed for numerous mission and business critical applications. Web3D's goal is to enable these diverse economies through the interoperability and durabilty of interactive 3D information. 

The X3D Geospatial component provides support for geographic and geospatial applications that includes the ability to utilize double-precision geospatial coordinates and to handle large multi-resolution terrain databases.

Here are some Web3D Consortium's member projects from the Geospatial domain. Some of these are work in progress. 

Virginia Tech Projects:

Virginia Tech's Center for Geospatial Information Technology is leading an innovative mapping project to create a comprehensive three-dimensional model of the town of Blacksburg, Va. The virtual model, known simply as "3D Blacksburg," will include topography, aerial photography, and buildings in a 3-D environment that can be used to visualize related spatial information such as building interiors, utilities, and networks.

3D representation of the town of Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

3D Blackburg Presentation (site not reachable?)

US Navy Projects: 

Using X3D for Navy Enterprise Collaboration

Collaboration walkthrough of facility planning

Versar Projects: 

The capability of a military installation to avoid and  prepare for effects from extreme weather events and anticipated changes in environmental conditions.

USNA Climate resiliency summary report

MBARI Projects:  

Visualize the spatial temporal structure of measurements taken from robotic oceanographic platforms.

A scientific visualization of robotically collected undersea data

MIT Projects:

Interactive mashup - shows X3D with glTF together 

Weather Globe