Example Model Archives

Many X3D Example Archives are listed in the X3D Resources that demonstrate exactly how X3D nodes and scenes work. Thousands of open-source scenes are provided in all X3D encodings and licensed for for any use. You can browse example scenes individually online, or else download these archives via fully complete, separately installable .zip files.  Textbook archives X3D for Web Authors and the VRML 2.0 Sourcebook provide great examples for getting started.

Web3D YouTube Channel shows demonstrations of X3D and related standards. These are helpful resources that help "tell the story" in a compelling manner. X3D has broad adoption here are some of our member case studies.

Exemplar contributions that highlight additional Web3D Consortium member achievements follow.

Spatial Temporal Oceanographic Query System - Oceanographic Data Visualization Software
Replaying online collaboration of robot deployment using SPIDERS3D Virtual Environment (VE)
International Award-winning Exhibit
Online, interactive volumetric visualization with X3D
Computer generated models of skulls of ancestral humans are rendered side-by-side to enable comparison