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Many X3D Example Archives are listed in the X3D Resources that demonstrate exactly how X3D nodes and scenes work. Thousands of open-source scenes are provided in all X3D encodings and licensed for for any use. You can browse example scenes individually online, or else download these archives via fully complete, separately installable .zip files.  Textbook archives X3D for Web Authors and the VRML 2.0 Sourcebook provide great examples for getting started.

Web3D YouTube Channel shows demonstrations of X3D and related standards. These are helpful resources that help "tell the story" in a compelling manner. 

Exemplar contributions that highlight additional Web3D Consortium member achievements follow.

International Award-winning Exhibit
Online, interactive volumetric visualization with X3D
Computer generated models of skulls of ancestral humans are rendered side-by-side to enable comparison
Two views of a printed heart from MRI data
X3D: Printed Preoperative Planning

A 3D printed heart helps surgeons rethink their strategy and make better surgical decisions. Using MRI as a guide doctors can build an accurate and detailed 3D printable model of the heart.

Surgeons use 3D printed hearts to plan difficult surgeries for patients born with complicated heart disorders

Preoperative study and inspection of complicated disorders has been limited to review of images and image slices. This project brings anatomically correct 3D printed models to the surgeon prior to operation so the surgeon can fully understand the state of the organ prior to making the first incision. A 3D printed heart using the X3D standard helps surgeons rethink their strategy and make better surgical decisions.

3D Weather Globe
X3D: Real-time, interactive, and interoperable

This example shows how X3D responds to user manipulation and interoperates with external sites for additional information. The user rotates and centers the globe at the desired location. X3D then queries the external site openWeatherMap.org to get the current weather conditions. All 2D and 3D information is displayed within a single HTML page.

X3D: Immersive Scientific Visualization

In this image (VT), a student explores a DNA model (exported from VMD) in the VisCube. Immersive technologies such as screen-surround, stereoscopy and tracking leverage the human’s natural, embodied perception to understand structure and space. For example, the computational discovery of DNA’s elastic properties, described in:

Savin, A. V., I. P. Kikot, M. A. Mazo, and A. V. Onufriev, "Two-phase stretching of molecular chains", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 110, issue 8, pp. 2816 - 2821, 02/2013.

Historic Vienna - Geospatial
X3D Geospatial

The city of Vienna is modeled with accuracy less than 10cm (4 in). The model shows many historic buildings in the core. It was developed using BS Contact Studio and is stored and delivered using the V3D Compressed Binary encoding (X3DB). The scene requires a recent version of BS Contact to be correctly installed. If not, a wizard will assist you with the download and installation.

CAD Scene Graph Viewer

X3D interacts with the part structure diagram (left side) and shows the corresponding part in the model display (right side). This particular application provides access to the part structure in a tree or accordion view (shown here). It can also show all metadata and annotations associated with each part.

Large oil rig model with animated ocean and dynamic shadows
X3D: Streaming Compressed Binary Models

One of the original challenge models for large-scale 3D visualization was this oil-rig. Using new Fraunhofer IGD methods and emerging standards for binary compression, its now running in your web browser!!! Use the web slider to change the time of day and shadows in the 3D model. This models and other large models are listed in the examples below.

X3D is support on all devices
X3D: Means 3D Anywhere

X3D runs on all devices including phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and caves. Use interactive graphics for for multi-stakeholder walkthroughs, crowd-sourcing and building consensus. This image and the examples listed below show multi-platform X3D for geospatial visualization.

Cultural Heritage Preservation
X3D: Long-lifetime standard

The long lifetime of the X3D Standard allows capture for archival and retrival of important cultural artifacts so that people across the world can appreciate and study them. Web3D members, Fraunhofer IGD are building a novel, high-speed scanning system to assist museums in capturing these treasures.

Cathedral at Siena, Italy
X3D: Large Models High quality rendering
Soccer Clubs discovers own stadium as marketing platform - Virtual Veltins Arena in X3D

A common saying is “All is marketing”. No wonder that in so many cases sports stadiums are used as an advertising platform. But to acquire new sponsors is often harder than it should be. Due to the state of the art X3D technology a stadium not only can be modeled, but also can be augmented with different useful applications, like interactivity, online readiness, high quality imaging and others. The German 3D software developer Bitmanagement has recently received an order from one of the most famous Soccer Clubs in Germany, Schalke 04, to support efforts of the club to strengthen its marketing capabilities.

Interactive X3D models offer new opportunities to accomplish transparency of construction plans.

Citizens, who are paying for public projects, react more and more sensitive on wasted public money. They do not only want to know more about an impact of a public project in their community, but also like to be involved in such planning. Now public authorities can get much more public participation of citizens. Based on an interactive, online ready 3D model everybody can catch up on a public project in many ways, becoming a public domain by being distributed via internet. It may save time and money. Bitmanagement is showing the solution for a huge traffic-related project.

Exploring Science with 3D Models in Caves and on Mobile Devices.
Architectural 3D Design Tool coupled with Engineering Simulation

SAFAS is a curriculum-support application for Architecture students learning Structural Engineering.

  • Explanatory Resources include multimedia on fundamentals and case studies.
  • Interactive Resources include X3D client (Xj3D) coupled with web-based simulation service (SAP) and courseware management (Scholar).

All resources are annotated with Dublin Core metadata and cross linked for clarity.

Bitmanagement's Software Can be Used to Automatically Construct Virtual Cities Anywhere in the World
Reconstructing the History of the Medieval Pilgrimage Route
Massive Multiplayer Immersive 3D Virtual Game by 3dduo

3dduo wanted to develop a massive multiplayer immersive 3D virtual game. They selected Bitmanagement because of their capabilities.