Web3D at SIGGRAPH 2023

Celebrate 50 Years of SIGGRAPH Conferences with Web3D Consortium
Sunday, 2023, August 6 - 8:00am to Thursday, 2023, August 10 - 6:00pm
Los Angeles + online

Join the Web3D Consortium at SIGGRAPH 2023 as we celebrate 28 years of breakthroughs in 3D Web technology along with 50 years of SIGGRAPH history. Attend our Birds of a Feather (BoF) discussions, bolstered by a community of innovators who have mapped the future of interactive, real-time 3D Graphics.

Cartographic Visualization (Carto) BOF Monday, August 7, Noon - 1:30 PM in the ACM SIGGRAPH Village Theater.

ACM SIGGRAPH Cartographic (Carto) Visualization Bird of a Feather (BOF) session will highlight the future of digital mapping to support our daily lives. Presenters will demonstrate various solutions for interactive cartographic display and international mapping.  Twitter thread
X3D4 is Web3D Ready - A major upgrade to the X3D Graphics - Monday, 7 August 2023 - 3:00 PM  - 4:30 PM Pacific. Room 514.

X3D4 is the basis of multiple file encodings and programming language bindings. The X3D4 Architecture Specification is Web ready, used in many 3D applications, highly mature, implemented, functionally complete, and undergoing final editorial review for International Standards Organization (ISO). Join us and learn more on how X3D4 has evolved to support current 3D technologies.  


3D Web Interoperability for the Metaverse - Tuesday, 8 August 2023 - 1:00 PM  - 3:00 PM Pacific. Room 514.

Industry leaders, Standards development Organizations (SDO), Metaverse Standards Forum(MSF), and Browser developers will discuss how best to make the Metaverse fully interoperable with the WWW and the Standards ecosystem. 


  • Web3D/X3D by Anita Havele
  • Metaverse Standards Forum by Neil Trevett
  • 3D Web Interoperability Proposal by Nicholas Polys
  • Use Cases Presentations:  3dMD(Medical), Versar(Geospatial), IVN(VR) and Threedy
  • Discussion topics:
    • The nature of Metaverse Interoperability
    • WWW and device interfaces
    • Web Architecture & current standards
    • 3D Assets Interoperability 
    • Use Cases and domains
    • Paths to Interoperability
    • SDOs and engagement
    • Industry Support
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Wed, 2023-02-01