PBR in X3D4 using glTF

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Title: Physically Based Rendering (PBR) in X3D, using glTF with X3D 4.0

 Recording  (29 March 2022 )

 A 45 minute talk with 15 minutes of Q&A. A practical session on how to use X3D, and render using Castle Game Engine/view3dscene with examples.

Speaker: Michalis Kamburelis 

Topics Covered: More Details

- Overview of  the new features in X3D 4 related to materials, lighting and textures. 
- physically based rendering,
- normal maps,
- more ways to affect materials by textures,
- close alignment with PBR in glTF,
- upcoming work: environment light. 
Integrating X3D and glTFHow to Play Together Well on the WWW

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