Mr. Sandy Ressler

Sandy Ressler has over 30 years of experience with a wide variety of computer graphics and user interface technologies. Starting a career at Bell Labs followed by a stint at a video game startup he is a pioneer and visionary in the development of 3D computer graphics for use on the Internet. He was on the Web3D Consortium's, Board of Directors for  6 years, two of which as Vice President. After several years hiatus he is back as a member of the Board and is currently co-Vice President. The consortium is the organization responsible for VRML/X3D the ISO standard for 3D on the Internet.

Mr. Leonard Daly

Leonard Daly is a 3D-systems architect; speaker; and co-author of “X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors”; and President of Daly Realism, a consulting firm specializing in web applications and graphical information systems integration. He has presented at five SIGGRAPH and Web3D Conferences on various X3D and HTML topics. His current work is guiding the development of the next generation of integrated-3D/HTML players. He has won several awards for his innovative work in information projects at The Aerospace Corporation and Web3D Consortium.