Dr. Richard F. Puk

ISO Liaison
Liaison Member
Dr. Richard F. Puk

Richard is the technical expert from the United States and the United Kingdom and currently serves as ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24/WG6 Convener. This involves editing and/or reviewing draft standards in the areas of computer graphics, imaging, and environmental representation.

He is also the Co-editor of the VRML, H-Anim, and X3D specifications and liaison from ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24 to the Web3D Consortium. Member of X3D, Medical, and X3D Earth WGs. 

Richard provides computer graphics consulting, design, and implementation services with an emphasis on computer graphics standard to clients including Megatek Corporation, Naval Postgraduate School, the Defense Modeling and Simulation Office, the Web3D Consortium, and Yumetech (web graphics development). 

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from  Purdue University.