Web3D 2017 Program

Web3D 2017 Day One: Web3D Consortium and Members presenting Papers, Posters and Master Classes.
Choosing the Right 3D Technology For your enterprise: Anita Havele and Vince Marchetti
This Masterclass gives a comprehensive overview of today’s 3D technologies from a modeler’s and graphics practitioner’s perspective
and of the current challenges of using these technologies. How they complement, compete or converge with each other and become
essential to the 3D enterprise.
Graphics Education: Assets for Teaching and Learning X3D: Don Brutzman
Many course resources, examples, videos and learning tools are summarised.
These assets show how individuals and instructors can learn,
teach and build X3D Graphics models for a full range of capabilities.
Web3D Consortium Town Hall: Nicholas Polys and Anita Havele
Community-driven Extensions to the X3D Volume Rendering Component
Ander Arbelaiz, Aitor Moreno, Luis Kabongo, Nicholas Polys and Alejandro GarcÌa-Alonso
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Thu, 2017-06-08