Web3D Consortium members highlight X3D's technical capabilities and benefits in a model based engineering paradigm, and complementary aspects with 3DPDF.

X3D Graphics International Standard for 3D Printing, Scanning, Visualization. The X3D standard has already demonstrated its value as a stable solution for storing and transmitting interactive 3D scenes. It enables a common model to be visualized in diverse computing platforms including desktop systems, mobile devices, and in the HTML5-WebGL web browser execution environment. These features make it a natural scene graph format to be encapsulated into PDF documents intended to be transmitted among platforms and stored in permanent archives. X3D will also enable 3D printing to be included in workflows based on PDF documents. The X3D file format is already accepted as a 3D printing format by tabletop 3D printers, and by several printing service bureaus (and is the preferred format for the 3D Model Print Exchanges run by the NIH and US Navy). We will demonstrate workflows for creating X3D models from existing CAD models, and will propose workflows that integrate X3D content into the PDF document workflow, including the role that structured metadata with the X3D model can ensure integrity of the document.

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Wed, 2018-01-31