Announcing Keynote Speakers at the Web3D 2023 Conference

Introducing our Keynote Speakers, Mel Slater, Marius Preda and Francois Daoust. Their contributions to the field of 3D Graphics have been transformative, and they continue to shape the future of this industry. They will provide new insights into the evolving world of 3D technologies and the metaverse.

Introducing our Keynote SpeakersMel Slater, Marius Preda and Francois Daoust. Their contributions to the field of 3D Graphics have been transformative, and they continue to shape the future of this industry. They will  provide new insights into the evolving world of 3D technologies and the metaverse. Early registration is still open. We have an action packed Program with research papers, workshops, tutorials, Industrial use cases and more.

Mel Slater

"Multi-person shared virtual environments, and implications for the metaverse"

Mel Slater is a Distinguished Investigator at the University of Barcelona in the Institute of Neurosciences, and co-Director of the Event Lab (Experimental Virtual Environments for Neuroscience and Technology). He was previously Professor of Virtual Environments at University College London in the Department of Computer Science. He held a European Research Council Advanced Grant TRAVERSE 2009-2015 and has now a second Advanced Grant MoTIVE 2018-2023. He is a Research Award Winner of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in 2021, and was elected to the IEEE VGTC Virtual Reality Academy in 2022. He is Field Editor of Frontiers in Virtual Reality, and Chief Editor of the Human Behaviour in Virtual Reality section. His publications can be seen on He currently coordinates the European Metaverse Research Network.


Marius Preda

"Compression factors for realistic 3D graphics"

 A distinguished Associate Professor with the Institut MINES-Télécom, Paris, Preda brings a rich academic background to the table. With degrees in engineering from the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and a Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science from University Paris V, Preda has been a formidable figure in the world of 3D Graphics. He is currently the Convenor of the MPEG 3D Graphics and Haptics Working Group of ISO and has contributed immensely to several international standards in fields of 3-D graphics coding, virtual worlds, and augmented reality.


Francois Daoust

"W3C and immersive 3D worlds in Web browsers – Evolutions of the Web platform"

François Daoust is Media and Entertainment Champion at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), tracking and progressing activities of the W3C around the convergence between Web and media. This includes serving as W3C staff contact for the Media Working Group, Second Screen Working Group and GPU for the Web Working Group, exploring and organizing standardization workshops on topics of interest (Games on the Web, Professional media production), and liaising with other organizations on scenarios, needs, existing technical solutions, and identified gaps.

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Mon, 2023-09-18