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X3DOM V1.6.1 was released on 24 July by Fraunhofer IGD. This version adds support for clip plane, two-sided material, and sphere sensor.
2014 Jul 29
Dr. Nicholas Polys attend White House Maker Faire as a result of his work for open web standards and 3D data durability.
2014 Jun 20
Presentations from the Web3D Emerging Technology Showcase are now available.
2014 May 1
AEC Hackathon V1.1 (March 14-16) is supported by Web3D to develop disruptive ideas for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry.
2014 Mar 14
Bitmanagement introduces "BS Content Studio". The new tool for the interactive 3D web is ready for download. The authoring tool allows the production of 3D content in browser and apps faster and without special knowledge of real-time 3D. The new graphical interface exports platform and browser independent to Web3D standards X3D, X3D binary, VRML and X3DOM using WebGL without plug-ins.
2013 Dec 23
Web3D Consortium elevates extension efforts for X3D in HTML5. It will be based on the X3DOM prototype with backwards compatibility with existing X3D V3.x content.
2013 Dec 2
Virginia Tech is highlighting their visual-analytic X3D solutions at SuperComputing 2013 Conference
2013 Nov 18
Web3D Presents X3D at AEC Hackathon at Facebook
2013 Nov 14