#HAnim X3D Animated Music Video Competition 2017

#H-Anim X3D Animated Music Video Competition 2017

Each year there is a Humanoid Animation (HAnim) 3D Music Video Competition to showcase student and author demonstrations of the HAnim Standard.  The jury includes practitioners from the Web3D Consortium HAnim Working Group and industry experts. This is a juried award with cash prizes provided by Korean Standards Association (KSA) and Society for Standards and Standardization (SSS).

Key areas of interest for this year's international online competition included 3D HAnim character animation and music composition,HAnim character modelling and animation, and HAnim facial expression animation. Awards were presented at the Web3D 2017 Conference in Brisbane Australia 5-7 June 2017.

This year's winners are:

HAnim Video Contest Winners 2017
1 Hwa-Kyoung You, Dance Contest Hwa-Kyoung You Dance Contest YouTube video
2 Minjoo Lee, Will You Marry Me Minjoo Lee Will You Marry Me? YouTube video
3 Soonho Lee, Happiness Soonho Lee Happiness YouTube video

Please see the HAnim Awards 2017 Presentation for full details.  Congratulations and best wishes to all winners!