Communications Team

The Communications Team works on messaging, outreach, and social media presence for the Web3D Consortium.

The Web3D Executive Director leads our Communications Team. Feel free to Contact Us.

Member-only resources:

Regular agenda topics include:

  1. Activity: recent News and Events
  2. Recent and upcoming events: Calendar includes planning, announcements, and support
  3. Membership: Followup Leads for new members, renewing members
  4. Public affairs: press inquiries and media responses, Projects Wish List and communication opportunities
  5. Outreach: blogs invitation packages, email, and new website pages
  6. Online presence: website, public mailing lists and member mailing lists
  7. Social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube member pages
  8. Benefits: adding further member value, 2016 initiatives, Web3D Standards Strategy, Working Group support
  9. Competitions: geospatial, H-Anim and other outreach competitions to show cool X3D

You can stay further informed with our Calendar, the News and Events page, Twitter @Web3dConsortium, Facebook, and YouTube sites.

As ever, feel free to Contact Us about your interests! Web3D Members and invited experts are welcome to participate.