Web3D User Experience Working Group Charter


Web3DUX Working Group includes diverse activity and collaboration by stakeholder professionals in Web3D, User Experience (UX), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), mixed/extended reality (XR), User Accessibility, and Data Science. Our goals include establishing standard measurements for user experience on 3D interactive applications, maximizing play-anywhere Web compatibility across platforms and devices, demonstrating best practices for conducting usability studies in 3D applications, and exploring the opportunity to generate personalized UX. End users work across a broad range of domains and have diverse skills, experience, goals and needs. User accessibility issues often include deeper variations across these same themes. Producing exemplars that provide value across this rich variety of objectives can help establish best practices and repeatable patterns of success.


  • Collaborate with professionals in Web3D, VR/AR/XR, HCI and UX to generate interest on user experience studies in 3D interactive technology
  • Establish standard procedure and measurements for usability studies in interactive 3D applications on the Web or handheld device;
  • Promote rich, task-oriented user experiences in 3D applications
  • Investigate potential health, safety and security issues on wearable VR/AR/XR and other 3D interactive applications
  • Promote the potential of Web3D with customized user experience and human-computer interaction based on user behavior data


  • Study the current usability studies on the following three interaction areas and standardize them:
    • Navigation
    • Object selection and manipulation
    • System Control
  • Identify the role of data logging for the usability study
  • Review requirements for proposed X3D annotation component relating to information sets, 2D/3D user experience, and authoring practices.
  • Promote best practices for supporting X3D accessibility that is compatible with Web accessibility.
  • Provide exemplary examples on conducting the usability studies on 3D interactive application on multi-platforms, including, Web, VR/AR/XR and handheld devices
  • Identify good examples for responsive interactive 3D applications over different platforms, such as Web and mobile phone
  • Establish standard measurement for user experience on Web3D applications;
  • Identify the best practices on AI-supported HCI 3D applications on the Web or other platforms


The working group is collaboratively designing a general framework that supports:

  • Collaboration among professionals in Web3D, User Experience (UX), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), mixed/extended reality (XR), user accessibility, and data science to promote rich user experiences in 3D interactive technology
  • User research and usability study with procedures, tools and standardized measurement on 3D applications on the Web, mobile and others multiplatform;  
  • Task-oriented Web3D application applied in practices while serving to the community needs.  
  • Web3D and mobile 3D applications with feasible and affordable accessibility, and personalized interaction.

If successfully designed, such a general framework might be gradually extended with new concepts related to a variety of different semantic areas using the X3D presentation.


The Web3DUX Working Group follows Web3D Working Group Practices.

The role of the X3D community has been crucial throughout every stage of development for the VRML and X3D International Standards. The public community of interested web authors has always been a principal stakeholder for success and indeed is often a primary driver of long-term progress. Open public discussion and periodic community review of critical issues remain an essential activity for the Web3DUX Working Group.


The Working Group holds twice-monthly teleconferences and face-to-face meetings annually at the SIGGRAPH and Web3D Conferences.


The Web3DUX Working Group is a Web3D Consortium members-only activity. Non-member experts may be invited to participate in topics of special interest. Working group discussions occur on the archived member-only Web3DUX mailing list. Public inquiries are welcome, either on the x3d-public mailing list or else directly to the Working Group co-chairs.

The leadership of the Working Group consists of 2-4 co-chairs.

Dependencies and Liaisons

The Web3DUX Working Group supports other Web3D Working Groups and Web3D Consortium Liaisons and Partnerships. Efforts and products are coordinated via the X3D working group to achieve planned specification milestone activities and effective external liaisons.


Working group communications are published in the X3D members-only mailing list. At the discretion of the Working Group, as appropriate, information may also be released to the public.


The Web3DUX working group maintains a Working Group page on the Web3D Consortium website and the members-only mailing list. Results are reported on the members-only list Web3DUX and may also be available to the x3d-public mailing list.

Approval Date

This charter was approved by the Web3D Consortium Board of Directors on 18 March 2020.