Design Printing and Scanning Working Group Charter



The Design Printing and Scanning Working Group demonstrates and promotes the X3D International Standards in numerous domains where interactive presentation of structured  product information provides significant value.  The impact of 3D visualization is powerfully complemented by 3D printing and 3D scanning. Metadata conventions for product documentation, model annotation, and information exchange in 3D applications is especially important for archiving, distributing, and curating 3D models. Topics of interest include Computer Aided Design (CAD), Additive Manufacturing (AM), Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Product Data Management (PDM), and related emerging technologies. This working group explores the full spectrum of 3D design: bringing digital objects into the physical realm, and creating digital 3D objects from physical ones.


  • To promote the use of X3D as a standard for interchange, visualization, and archival storage in workflows for product design, 3D printing and additive manufacture of prototypes and products, and 3D scanning of physical objects as correlatable models.

  • In cooperation with the X3D working group, maintain and improve existing components and profiles of the X3D Standards relevant to computer aided engineering applications.

  • To develop and demonstrate extensions to the X3D standard, which improve usefulness in emerging technologies for 3D model design, printing, and scanning.

  • To develop support for point cloud presentations, compression and registration.

  • To develop and promote conversion and authoring workflows, which allow X3D to be effectively used with commercial and open source CAD software applications.

  • To evaluate and promote commercial and open-source tools for conversion and authoring of X3D content supporting object design, printing, and scanning.

  • Demonstrate generalized archival metadata mappings for a variety of standards and systems that permit annotated, linked presentation of reusable X3D model content.


The Design Printing and Scanning Working Group follows practices stated in Attachment A of the Web3D Consortium Process Summary and Guidelines.


The working group holds scheduled monthly teleconference and face-to-face meetings at the annual Web3D conference.


Regular participation in Design Printing and Scanning  Working Group activities is restricted to Web3D Consortium members. Non-member participants may be invited to participate in specific and limited working group activities. Working group discussions occur on the archived member-only mailing list (subscribe). Public inquiries are welcome, either on the mailing list (subscribe) or else directly to the Working Group co-chairs.

Dependencies and Liaisons

The Design Printing and Scanning Working Group has multiple external liaison efforts, including ISO/TC 184/SC 4 on CAD modeling, ISO JTC 1 cross-standard initiatives on 3D printing/scanning, and other standards development organization (SDO) forums. It closely coordinates such liaison work with the X3D Working Group.


Working Group communications, including meeting agenda and minutes, are published in a Design Printing and Scanning Working Group mailing list restricted to Web3D Consortium members. At the discretion of the participants, information may also be released to the public.


The CAD working group maintains a Working Group page on the Web3D Consortium website and the members-only mailing list.

Approval Date

This charter was approved by the Web3D Consortium Board of Directors on 25 July 2017.