2020 Aug 14
CADExchanger SDK 3.8.1, new version supports not only export but also import of X3D. Now it's possible to view and explore the files and convert them to VRML, OBJ, STL, and many other formats.

X3D support in CADExchanger SDK 3.8.1: new version supports not only export but also import of X3D.
    Now possible to view and explore the files and convert them to VRML, OBJ, STL, and many other formats.

2020 Aug 3
X3Dv4 implementations are under way. X3D® Version 4 (X3Dv4) is a major upgrade to the Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics International Standard that provides close support for the HTML5 Recommendation. X3Dv4 (WD2) draft specification is available to public now!

Update!  Please see Working Draft 2 (WD2) release 3 August 2020.

The Web3D Consortium's release page and 

2020 Jul 18
Starting with our Web3D member meeting,Web3D consortium announces a series of Webinars. Register Now!

News: this event is complete and online!  Please see the Web3D Webinars for these great sessions.

2020 Jul 1
Web3D 2020 Virtual Conference 9-13 November 2020 CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - Paper and Poster Deadline July 27, 2020
It’s our 25th anniversary don’t miss this opportunity to share and learn real-time interactive 3D at Web3D 2020.  Paper and Poster Submission Deadline 27July 2020.  
2020 Jun 15
The Consortium's Spring 2020 Newsletter is available. It contains stories and reports from activities and events. The Web3D Consortium regularly publishes a newsletter covering major Consortium events and news.
The Sprint 2020 Newsletter has been published and distributed.
2020 May 31
Castle Game Engine editor now has four new templates: Empty, 2D game, 3D FPS game, 3D model viewer.


New project templates in the Castle Game Engine editor

 Click “New Project” in the Castle Game Engine editor for 4 new useful templates:

2020 May 13
SYVE by Web3D Member Synergy_SSD is a collaboration platform that enables multiple users to capture and describe complex spatial scenarios.

SYVE by Synergy_SSD

2020 Apr 22
X3D Quick Start 2020 (three hours total!) provides X3D Introduction and Technology Overview, X3D Ecosystem, X3D Applications and X3D Authoring.

Nicholas Polys

2020 Apr 4
COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the creativity and innovation of our community in using OPEN technologies for distributed design, local manufacture, and real time connection. Web3D Consortium member, NIH is providing helpful resources in this crisis. Check out the creative ways that NIH 3D Print Exchange 3D model sharing platform is helping alleviate our healthcare system and improve treatments: From clinically-reviewed masks, face-shields, and ventilator parts to equipment lab equipment to door openers. The Web3D platform (and Extensible 3D (X3D) specifically) is helping distribute the knowledge and means for better global preparedness and response.

Power in numbers requires Community: each of us bringing our diverse points of view and skills to a common problem. More than ever we are looking to technologies to help us medically, psychologically, and socially.

2020 Mar 2
With an abundance of caution during Coronavirus world health emergency, Web3D 2020 Conference dates have been postponed to 14-16 November 2020. Location remains Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. This allows time for world events to unfold.
Web3D 2020 Update