2011 Dec 21
Bitmanagement has released a new BS Contact version 8.000 as announced during summer. Thank you for your feedback as beta testers.

Speed and memory improvements such as X3D binary geometry compression, script sharing, geometry instancing, a new BS SDK update and many more features result in the best BS Contact ever.

2011 Nov 7
W3C's Declarative 3D Community Group held two session at TPAC 2011 (31 Oct - 4 Nov 2011).

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) held their annual Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee (TPAC) meeting in Santa Clara California from 31 Oct through 4 November.

2011 Nov 7
The Web3D Consortium attended the fourth international AR Standards Meeting in Basel, Switzerland on October 24-25

The fourth international AR standards Meeting ( was held in Basel, Switzerland on Oct 24-25.

2011 Oct 12
Vicomtech Starts Participating in Medical Working Group to Advanced Standards for the Display and Handling of Patient-Based Multi-Dimensional Medical Information.

Vicomtech-IK4 (Visual Interaction and Communication Technologies Centre) is a private and non-for-profit applied research centre for Interactive Computer Graphics and Multimedia located in the Technology Park of San Sebastian (Spain).

2011 Sep 15
The Consortium's Fall 2011 Newsletter is available. It contains stories and reports from SIGGRAPH 2011.

The Web3D Consortium regularly publishes a newsletter covering major Consortium events and news. The Fall 2011 Newsletter has been published and distributed. If you would like to receive our newsletter in email, please sign up.

2011 Aug 9
The Web3D Consortium has 6 BoFs, 1 Tech Talk, and 3 days of exhibition at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, CA.

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2011 Aug 5
The Web3D Consortium has joined forces with the W3C and Khronos standards organizations to launch an open Community Group chartered to examine the requirements, options, and use cases for an integration of interactive 3D graphics capabilities into the W3C technology stack.

Platforms for 3D delivery over the web have been evolving for almost two decades.

2011 Aug 5
At this year’s SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, Aug 7-12, the largest annual conference for computer graphics, the Web3D Consortium will showcase the broad impacts of its latest release of royalty-free International Standards for 3D graphics over the web.

At this year's SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, Aug 7-12 (, the largest annual conference for computer graphics, the Web3D Consortium ( will showcase the broad im

2011 Jun 22
Fraunhofer released V1.2 of X3Dom, the in-the-browser renderer for X3D.

After many months of work, we’re proud to announce the release today of  X3DOM 1.2. There’s plenty of cool stuff we have worked on since the last release. You can also swing by the downloads page to grab a copy of the release package.


2011 Jun 14
Web3D Consortium along with DFKI and Fraunhofer to start a W3C Declarative 3D Community Working Group.

The Web3D Consortium has been working with the DFKI (XML3D) team developing the W3C Community Group (XG) Charter for Declarative 3D.