X3D Brings Transparency to Public Projects

Community Participation Traffic Upgrade

Citizens, who are paying for public projects, react more and more sensitive on wasted public money. They do not only want to know more about an impact of a public project in their community, but also like to be involved in such planning. Now public authorities can get much more public participation of citizens. Based on an interactive, online ready 3D model everybody can catch up on a public project in many ways, becoming a public domain by being distributed via internet. It may save time and money. Bitmanagement is showing the solution for a huge traffic-related project.

The challenge:
For many reasons huge public projects often failed or showed delayed execution through inadequate public participation. Due to the fact that delayed projects rise in cost, citizens are not any longer willing to pay out-of-the-pocket. What they claim is to gain better insight into public projects. Bitmanagement, the German 3D software developer is offering to communities but also to architects, tourism Managers and other branches an 3D software based solution. A couple of customers already have made use of this way to create more transparency, currently “the Rhein-Neckar-Verkehrs Gmbh”, which is the local public traffic company of the city of Mannheim, Germany.

The solution:
According to an awarded order of the Mannheim city authorities to Bitmanagement the company has modeled the entire 6.4 km distance railway system in X3D technology. The main target was to enable citizens to switch from the current state to the planned projection, each in high resolution. Due to the fact that the 3d software from Bitmanagement is online ready, users can not only recognize the difference in the internet but also have the opportunity to change parts of the project according to own ideas. The 3d Software from Germany provides also full interactivity which means citizens can simulate different views and situations. Either they walk through virtual streets, and can watch the project from the outside, or they experience the project from a new sight angel. Even as a street car passenger the user can get a realistic idea of how the surroundings will look like. The high number of alternatives is based on a sophisticated navigation tool.  A dashboard supports the user to make his choice between quite different possibilities of navigation. And that way the user can experience the impact of the planning project also in an emotional manner. Projects thus boost gaining faster acceptance, saving public money and complying with a set time-frame.

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