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* Don Brutzman, [http://www.nps.edu Naval Postgraduate School] USA
* Don Brutzman, [http://www.nps.edu Naval Postgraduate School] USA
* Hyokwang Lee, [http://www.kaeri.re.kr:8080/english/ KAERI]/[http://www.web3d.kr Web3D Korea Chapter]/[http://www.partdb.com PartDB]
* Hyokwang Lee, [http://www.kaeri.re.kr:8080/english/ KAERI]/[http://www.web3d.kr Web3D Korea Chapter]/[http://www.partdb.com PartDB]
* Vince Marchetti, [http://kshell.com/pages/scripting/index.html KShell]
* Vince Marchetti, [http://kshell.com/pages/scripting/index.html KShell] USA
* Marc Petit, [http://france.edf.com Electricite de France (EDF)]
* Marc Petit, [http://france.edf.com Electricite de France (EDF)]

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Nearby: X3D CAD Executive Summary

X3D CAD Working Group

The X3D CAD Working Group is now entering its third generation of development effort. Following many years of steady progress by Web3D members, we transitioned our efforts to the Web3D Public X3D Wiki in 2011. Further productive work continues steadily, guided by the CAD Working Group Strategy.

Our current activities include:

  • Consolidating, reporting and linking past achievements with CAD Geometry Component in X3D
  • Continuing implementation of the X3D Compressed Binary Encoding (CBE) for reduced file size and faster loading performance
  • Continuing the implementation and evaluation of Boundary Representations (B-REPS) in X3D
  • Considering the use of Macro-Parametric Translation for conversion of many CAD formats into X3D
  • Building a set of example models to confirm correct operation and encourage the evolution of best practices

Working group co-chairs are:

Please check out the X3D CAD People page where we summarize our interests. New participants are welcome.


Events and Meetings

We hold teleconferences every other week at alternating times for Korea-USA and Korea-Europe discussion:

  • Korea-USA : 17:00 PST 2nd Wednesday (10:00 KST 2nd Thursday)
    • Next meeting : February 6 Wed 17:00 PST (February 7 Thu 10:00 KST)
  • Korea-Europe : 08:00 UTC last Thursday (09:00 FWT, 17:00 KST)
    • Next meeting : January 31 Thu 08:00 UTC

Meeting minutes:

Several Web3D presentations at SIGGRAPH 2011 covered CAD topics:

Web3D and SIGGRAPH 2012

Web3D Seoul Meeting 2013

Next Steps and Future Work

  • New. X3DOM CAD page, for discussion during teleconferences Friday 29 March 2013
  • X3D Binary Compression Capabilities and Plans describes work in progress. Performance improvements are dramatic. Some further efforts are needed to ensure compliance and conformance by each implementation.
  • Continue building exporters and posting translation examples online.
  • Encourage every browser to complete their profile support for CAD model conversion to X3D.
  • Update this wiki to include all aspects of a working group charter.
  • Design a cool logo, both in 2D and 3D! A special prize will be awarded to whoever wins working-group approval for their design.