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X3D CAD working group members are welcome to provide short-summary descriptions of their interests in X3D CAD efforts.

Don Brutzman

I am interested in unlocking the innumerable proprietary CAD models that the U.S. Navy has purchased over the years, making them accessible and useful to support modeling, simulation, maintenance, training and visualization. I am also interested in using 3D printers to facilitate deployed prototyping or production of critical parts.

William Oliver Glascoe III

My interests in X3D are three-fold

  1. Advocate for X3D adoption to bridge the "air gap" between the CAD IP flowing in products' supply chain and the CAD-less consumer chain
  2. Advocate for X3D adoption in the Military Health System to pilot my idea of Human Health Graphs--a bridge between history of health and health care, present health & health care and planned/scheduled health & healthcare
  3. Advocate for X3D adoption by the DoD Modeling & Simulation Coordination Office as a key enabler for the DoD enterprise digital asset management

Hyokwang Lee

I'm interested in CAD2X3D conversion and visualization of massive CAD data. I have worked for conversion of CATIA data to X3D with product structure and property information and visualization of them in a web-based system. My current issue is to figure out efficient lightweight representation schemes for CAD geometry and apply them to X3D, hoping that X3D can be a powerful lightwegiht visualization format for CAD data.

Vince Marchetti

I am interested in using X3D as a method to present CAD information from the web for general purpose clients, such as web browsers. In particular, I would like to present 3D models generated from STEP (ISO 10303) data files. I am developing a web application SPRI which allows users to upload STEP data files and browse the contents of that file, I would like to enhance the ability to deliver both explicit 3D models and other conceptual information transmitted as X3D.

To further this end, I am also interested in developing the capabilities for browsers to use the NURBS Component of the X3D standard.

Christophe Mouton

Marc Petit

My main interest is integration of 3D into the Information System. When industrial installations (like power plants) are concerned, CAD is interesting because it allows :

  • Reduced network footprint (higher-level primitives)
  • Consistency with the IS (structure, identification of parts)

For CAD, I mostly see X3D as a presentation format. I'd be glad to see it cover interchange too, but presentation can bring high rewards rather fast while staying focused.

Dick Puk

President, Intelligraphics Incorporated, consultants in computer graphics. Also, liaison from ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24 to the Web3D Consortium and editor of the X3D standards. Convener of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24/WG6.