CAD BoF 2012

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The X3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Working Group is happy to present a public Birds of a Feather (BOF) meeting at SIGGRAPH 2012.

  • From CAD to the Web, 1100-1230 Tuesday 7 August, LA Convention Center (LACC) Room 513
  • This session is for attendees interested in Web3D applications for CAD. Discussion topics include Web3D, STEP, B-REP, WebGL, and CAD data conversion.

Short presentations and cool demonstrations! (40 minutes)

  • Conclusions and next steps (Don, 4 minutes):
    • proper X3D NURBS support will be able to deploy CAD X3D on any device
    • direct B-REP Component might be a useful extension for X3D CAD Component conversion tools and servers, but would be a lot of work for X3D players
    • Further small enhancements to X3D CADinterchange profile (2D nodes, NURBS, lines) and X3D Compressed Binary Encoding (CBE) can help even further
    • Demonstrate best practices (and possible mappings) for object properties and embedded metadata. Shall we re-open and finish the proposed X3D Annotations Component?

Other announcements and group discussion (20 minutes)

  • Availability of other software and example models
  • People's reactions and group discussion
  • Hey, where is our logo?!
  • We will update this page to capture minutes from the meeting.

Working Group cochairs organizing this event:

  • Marc Petit (
  • Hyokwang Lee (
  • Don Brutzman (