X3D CAD Macro-Parametric Approach for Translation

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Neutral XML file as viewed in TransCAD

Macro-Parametric Approach for CAD Translation

The Macro-Parametric Approach (MPA) for CAD Translation is a way to achieve compatible CAD model exchange among a variety of mutually incompatible CAD systems.

We are studying how MPA might be used for converting diverse CAD models into X3D form.

To learn more about MPA, please to go to the Macro-Parametric Approach website.

The person in charge of MPA for X3D is currently YooKyung Jo, iCAD Lab.

Steps involved in translation

File:X3D-BS Contact.jpg
X3D translated file as viewed in BS Contact viewer
  • Neutral XML file representing a parametric model is generated from various CAD systems' preprocessor programs using MPA.
  • This neutral XML file is parsed by a central application called TransCAD which comprises of modules of ACIS, HOOPS, Constraint Manager, and Persistent Naming.
  • With the help of ACIS APIs, an explicit representation (facets) of the model is generated.
  • These facets are then structured into a Delaunay triangularized mesh using TETGEN.
  • The mesh is then optimized by decimating the mesh and maintaining a decent enough visual quality using various algorithms in MeshLab.
  • Finally, meshes are rendered in X3D using IndexedFaceSet.

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