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These are references useful for implementors and users of the X3D NURBS component.

A primary reference for NURBS curves and surfaces is: L Peigl and W Tiller, The NURBS Book, Springer-Verlag 2nd Ed. 1997. See the Solid Modeling Solutions site for further information on this resource.

NURBS example X3D models

NURBS component by Michalis Kamburelis discusses the support for NURBS in the Castle Game Engine. Of particular importance is the discussion of weights and control points in X3D.

The X3D terminology is different from the terminology used in the STEP standard. As specified in Part 42 of the STEP (ISO 10303) the "control points" attribute of a b-spline (including nurbs) entity contains the coordinates a point in real, not homogeneous, space. See the standards document ISO 10303-42:1998(E) section 4.4.70

X3D Browser Evaluation PDF, Oct 2012: A summary of the state of X3D browsers' rendering of NurbsPatchSurface and NurbsTrimmedSurface nodes.

jGeom is an open-source java geometry graphics library using NURBS.