Computer Aided Design (CAD)

The X3D CAD Working Group develops and demonstrates best practices for exporting Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models into X3D to support Web applications.

Billions of dollars are invested in CAD and technical product information. Nevertheless 3D data created with CAD applications is difficult to share with other users across the enterprise. Integrating 3D data, such as CAD engineering files, into other applications for sales & marketing or training is time consuming and difficult.

The open standards X3D CAD initiative lets customers access and repurpose complex 3D and technical data and seamlessly integrate it into other common desktop applications across the enterprise. Professionals outside of CAD and engineering will be able to access this graphical data, including animation, materials and textures, to increase productivity, cut costs and generate new revenue streams. This increases the value of the CAD data and reduces costs in other areas. Applications include customer visualization, design communication, training, technical documentation, sales and marketing, and customer support.

The CAD3D Working Group has a defined a file format and data transfer process. The format, CAD Distillation Format (CDF), enables translation of CAD data to an open format for publishing and interactive media. The process includes an open framework pipeline that incorporates tools for decimation of surfaces to constructs that are more common in the non-CAD environments.

Our current focus is adding support for 3D Printing and 3D Scanning compatibly with the X3D CAD Component.

Working group meetings are monthly and discussions occur on the CAD working group mail list.

Don Brutzman, Naval Postgraduate School
Hyokwang Lee, PartDB and Web3D Korea Chapter
Vince Marchetti, kShell
Marc Petit, Electricite de France