Working Groups

A Working Group of the Web3D Consortium is a technical committee that researches and proposes solutions to specific technical problems relating to X3D (e.g. binary file format).

Working groups are essentially self-forming, self-regulating, and self-directed. They are not product-specific but instead focus is on issues and technologies in the attempt to develop and propagate an open standard for the industry.

Active Working Groups

The X3D CAD Working Group is developing and demonstrating best practices for exporting CAD models into X3D to support Web applications.

The Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) standard supports representative human models incorporating open best practices of haptic and kinematic interfaces and a certain default skeleton pose in order to enable shared animations.

The Medical Working Group is developing an open interoperable standard for the representation of human anatomy based on input from a wide variety of imaging modalities.

Mixed and Augmented Reality (MAR) working group efforts focus on projecting computer generated information into the real world, implementing development efforts for an ISO reference model.


The X3D Working Group (X3D WG) is responsible for the development and maintenance of all X3D Specifications.

The X3D Earth Working Group will use the Web architecture, XML languages, and open protocols to build a standards-based X3D Earth specification usable by governments, industry, scientists, academia, and the general public. X3D-Earth efforts encompass client-side, server-side, authoring, and conversion technologies. Much work has been accomplished already.

  • Vision. Make it easier to create and use 3D spatial data.
  • Mission. Promote spatial data use within X3D via open architectures.