IMLS Forum: 3D/VR Content Creation and Publishing

Arlington Virginia

Preliminary Agenda 

The forums have four primary goals:

  • Form holistic knowledge from normally siloed areas of 3D/VR by bringing together experts from a wide variety of disciplines, with expertise in different aspects of the research lifecycle.

  • Develop best practices to support 3D/VR throughout the research lifecycle--including metadata schemas; workflows and tools for capturing metadata from content creation through visualization, archiving, and reuse; and repositories that enable description, discovery, and long-term preservation.

  • Establish guidelines that can serve multiple research contexts and use cases that libraries may need to support as researchers increasingly adopt 3D/VR as a research tool.

  • Develop strategies that libraries can use for creating policies and workflows for providing 3D/VR related research services.

Thursday, 2018, March 1 - 5:45am to Friday, 2018, March 2 - 5:45am