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[www-vrml] FreeWRL 1.17 released.

The FreeWRL team is proud to announce the release of FreeWRL
Version 1.17 - the VRML/X3D browser for OS X and Unix computers.

The OS X code is in "Universal Binary" format, so it runs full speed
on both G4 and Intel Mac computers.

This version also brings together code that has been submitted for X3D
Interchange Conformance testing, with an improved user interface.

FreeWRL runs standalone, but will run as an html browser plugin.
Plugin code for I386 computers is included in the source/binary
distributions. For 64 bit processors, and for Universal Binary OS X
computers, we will release the plugin interface when the code is deemed

FreeWRL can be found at:


	or via


We welcome feedback, and would like to thank those who have made
FreeWRL into the VRML/X3D solution that it is today.

----------------------------------------------------------- John A. Stewart alex.stewart@crc.ca

Network Systems and Technologies -
        Systemes et technologies des reseaux
Communications Research Centre Canada  |
         Centre de recherches sur les communications Canada

3701 Carling Ave.  |  3701, avenue Carling
PO Box 11490, Station H  |  CP 11490, succursale H
         Ottawa ON K2H 8S2   |  Ottawa (Ontario) K2H 8S2


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