Web3D Board of Directors

The Web3D Consortium Board of Directors considers and makes strategic decisions on behalf of all Web3D Consortium members. Web3D Consortium Board members exercise influence over the development and adoption of Web3D standards. They also provide valuable industry expertise to support the forward-thinking market strategy of the consortium. The Web3D  Consortium Board have 3 primary roles: to establish policies, to make strategic decisions, and to oversee the organization's activity. They oversee management, finances, and quality; set strategic direction; build community relationships; establish ethical standards, values, and compliance. Board Member Roles and Responsibilites

The Board typically meets once or twice each month via teleconference, as scheduled on the Calendar.  Agenda topics of interest are welcome.

Current Board of Directors - 2015

You are welcome to contact the Web3D Board by sending email to our Executive Director - Anita Havele.

For more information about the Web3D Board of Directors (BoD) elections and responsibilities, please see our By-Laws.