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The goal of the each X3D Plugfest is to foster interoperability between X3D players. Each Plugfest is a regular event that brings content authors, authoring tool vendors and browser implementers together to work on interoperability issues. Consistent quality for X3D content helps everyone.

Instructions to submitters

This is the navigation home page for the upcoming X3D Plugfests. Content will be linked from this page for everyone's review.

Please note: Submitted .x3d files must be zipped before being uploaded. Alternatively, links to online content can be provided.

Description fields: Include a description of your content, or else a description of the problem and any results from the browsers you've tested.

Content Release Option: Specify whether the content can be released publicly or just distributed to browser implementers for testing.

Related links include:


2010 Plugfest Content - 24-29 July 2010 - Web3D Symposium, SIGGRAPH

How about another Plugfest?

  • When/where? Web3D 2010 Symposium and/or SIGGRAPH 2010?
  • Getting organized around priority "Bugs of the month" that we document for all active browsers
  • Who is tracking each browser and reporting the bugs?
  • Demo how to use X3D-Edit to launch one or many browsers at a time on individual test scenes
  • How to best report and track status of successes and problems?


2009 Plugfest Content - June 2009 - Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt, Germany

X3D Scenes, X3D Viewers Updated Author Content Description Problem Description Content Releasability
(earlier revision) "Web3D Timeline (aka X3D Timeline)" 25 May 2009 Anita Havele, Web3D Consortium Outreach examples for Web3D Consortium Prototype interoperability between browsers Public
"simpleShader.zip" 26 May 2009 John Stewart, CRC Canada GLSL Shader test that uses a modified "toon" shader; light intensity on Spheres is shown where the color is dependent on intensity; the intensity bounding values are passed into the shader Should display on hardware supporting GLSL shaders; Spheres will be "ringed". On non-GLSL systems, Spheres will be a uniformly shaded light blue Public
Media:UrlInProtoTest.zip 12 June 2009 Patrick Dähne, Fraunhofer IGD The X3D spec does not specify how to resolve relative URLs in EXTERNPROTOs. Some X3D Browsers resolve them relative to the EXTERNPROTO declaration, some to the EXTERNPROTO instantiation. Open the file "UrlInProtoTest.wrl" in different browsers. Some will show yellow textured boxes, and some will show cyan textured boxes. Which behaviour is correct? Public

2009 Plugfest Content - March 2009 - Nasa Ames, California

X3D Scenes, X3D Viewers Updated Author Content Description Problem Description Content Releasability
HelloWorld.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Hello World simple scene (example image) Quality of Sphere geometry, Text alignment, default X3D navigation mode is EXAMINE Public
(earlier revision) Web3dLogo.x3d 21 February 2009 Anita Havele, Web3D Consortium Outreach examples for Web3D Consortium Simple polygonal text geometry Public
"Web3D Timeline (aka X3D Timeline)" 21 February 2009 Anita Havele, Web3D Consortium Outreach examples for Web3D Consortium Prototype interoperability between browsers Public
LineProperties.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Material support (example image: LineProperties ) Demonstrate lineType capabilities Public
FillProperties.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Material support (example image: FillProperties) Demonstrate hatchStyle capabilities Public
SpringExamples.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Universal Media Materials examples Proper rendering of Material values, ProtoDeclare and ExternProtoDeclare support, anchor links to HTML should get handed off to web browser Public
horizon3.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS Universal Media Panoramas examples Background textures, handle or ignore URN Public
UserInteractivitySensorNodes.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS X3D for Web Authors examples scene to demonstrate user interaction (before and after images) TouchSensor, PlaneSensor, CylinderSensor, SphereSensor, KeySensor and StringSensor Public
CreateX3dFromStringRandomSpheres.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS X3D Basic examples scene to generate new X3D geometry using an embedded Script node Script node, ECMAScript support for createX3dFromString function Public
Gimbals.x3d 21 February 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS X3D Basic examples scene to show coordinate-system rotation values Shows Extrusion, Text, TouchSensor and Script nodes working together, also tests proper keyboard navigation using PgUp PgDn Home End keys. Public
ViewpointGroupTest.x3d 9 March 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS X3D Basic examples scene to demonstrate ViewpointGroup support Shows ViewpointGroup nodes containing nested Viewpoints to support user navigation in large worlds. Public
HelloEarth.x3d, HelloEarthOpenStreetMap.x3d and HelloEarthOpenAerialMap.x3d 1 March 2009 Byounghyun Yoo, Web3D Fellow Geospatial Component scenes to demonstrate X3D Earth support Shows GeoLOD imagery and terrain nodes from various sources for 7 to 17 levels of detail. Public
NancyDiving.x3d 1 March 2009 Don Brutzman, NPS HumanoidAnimation Component scene to demonstrate H-Anim support Shows Nancy avatar scuba diving. Public

2009 Plugfest - March 2009 - Results

X3D Scenes, X3D Viewers BS Contact beta FreeWRL, FreeX3D Instant Player Octaga Vivaty Xj3D
HelloWorld.x3d Pass Pass Pass Pass fail, defaults to FLY mode fail, incorrect Text vertical alignment
(earlier revision) Web3dLogo.x3d Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass
Web3DTimeline.x3d (still being improved) Pass Pass Pass Pass
LineProperties.x3d fail Pass Pass Pass fail Pass
FillProperties.x3d fail Pass fail Pass fail fail
SpringExamples.x3d Pass no ExternProtoDeclare support yet in XML parser interface code Pass Pass crash fail
horizon3.x3d Pass Pass Pass Pass crash Pass
UserInteractivitySensorNodes.x3d Pass Pass All pass but StringSensor, since <enter> key goes full screen Pass KeySensor case error, StringSensor duplicates characters Pass
CreateX3dFromStringRandomSpheres.x3d fail fail fail fail fail fail
Gimbals.x3d Pass Pass Pass Pass crash Works OK but Extrusion ends are warped
ViewpointGroupTest.x3d fail, only shows Viewpoints fail OK except for nested ViewpointGroup Pass fail fail
HelloEarth.x3d, HelloEarthOpenStreetMap.x3d and HelloEarthOpenAerialMap.x3d fail Pass fail fail fail Pass
NancyDiving.x3d (Script still being improved) Pass fail crash Pass fail No animation

The X3D Plugfest was held at the Web3D Consortium Members Meeting, Wednesday 4 March 2009, at the NASA Ames research facility in Moffett Field, California.




X3D Plug Fest - Web3D Symposium Aug 9th 2008

BS Contact XJ3D Swirl Octaga FreeWRL, FreeX3D Vivaty Instant Player
City Scapes Pass Pass Pass Pass Clipping Issues Pass Pass
Hello World Pass Space Bet Image and Text rotation off by -1x Pass Pass failed n examine mode Pass
Panoramic View Pass dropped down outside the cylinder dropped down can't go up or down or front or back didn't drop until u take step shifted view and field
Gravity Effect drop down until u move Pass no change until u move Pass no gravity gravity kicks in only when u move Pass
Virtual Museum Pass Pass navigation failure Pass no gravity more pixelation Pass Pass
Inline View Point Pass wrong inline Pass does not keep track of view point Pass wrong in line
Proto Instance referenced referenced script does not work copy failed copy failed - same color
Moving Box Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass
Extrusion Text Pass inside out y-axis off Pass Pass Pass Pass
Top Level Pass top level nodes are implicit Pass Pass mouse icon instead of text Pass Pass
Co-ordinate Morphs Pass Pass initial view point is off Pass Pass Pass
Color Pass Pass color does not change Pass Pass Pass Pass
Venus X3D Pass Pass no environment mapping Pass Pass Pass Pass
String X3D vertical horizontal horizontal horizontal vertical vertical horizontal
Global Annotations Pass Pass head lights on Pass does not support Pass failed
Script I/O Field close function close function

Problematic Content

Working Content


This is a summary of the issues discovered.

  • User Initial Position without a Viewpoint
  • Extrusion Implementations
  • Node fields on a proto declaration, copy or reference