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Tests initial binding of viewpoints. Should be at 0 0 10. Some browsers are doing a fit to world when a world does not contain a viewpoint.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<X3D profile="Interchange">

Browser Results

Browser Version Result Notes
BS Contact 7.107 Expected
FreeWRL Untested
Octaga Expected
Instant Reality 2.0.0_beta5 Expected
Flux 2.1 Expected
Vivaty 1.0 Expected
Xj3D 2_M1_DEV_2008-06_02 Expected

Specification Notes

From 7.2.2:

That is, isBound events are sent when a given node becomes, or ceases to be, the active node. The node at the top of the stack (the most recently bound node) is the active node for its type and is used by the browser to set the world state. If the stack is empty (i.e., either the X3D file has no bindable nodes for a given type or the stack has been popped until empty), the default field values for that node type are used to set world state. The results are undefined if a multiply instanced (DEF/USE) bindable node is bound.

So the default values of 0 0 10 should be used, not a fit to world.