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Top Level Touch Sensors

A TouchSensor placed at the root of a scene does not always activate with other sibling geometry.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<X3D profile="Interchange">
      <TouchSensor />
      <Shape><Box /></Shape>

Browser Results

Browser Version Result Notes
BS Contact 7.107 Expected
Octaga Expected
Instant Reality 2.0.0_beta4 Expected
Flux Latest(28/05/2007) Expected
Vivaty Latest(7/28/2008) Expected
Xj3D 2_M1_DEV_2008-06_02 Not Expected Does not work unless grouped

Specification Notes

From 20.4.4

The TouchSensor generates events when the pointing device points toward any geometry nodes that are descendants of the TouchSensor's parent group. See 20.2.3 Activating and manipulating pointing device sensors, for more details on using the pointing device to activate the TouchSensor.

Xj3D is not treating the parent scene as a grouping node. Our read was that top level notes in a scene are not descendants of the TouchSensor's parent group. We'd suggest making the spec clearer by changing the wording to: "descendants of the TouchSensor's parent group or root node siblings". Or we can make a change to 4.3.2 that says all roots are implicitly grouped.