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== Problem Content ==
== Problematic Content ==

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X3D Plug Fest - Web3D Symposium Aug 9th 2008

BS Contact XJ3D Swirl Octaga FreeWRL, FreeX3D Vivaty Instant Player
City Scapes Pass Pass Pass Pass Clipping Issues Pass Pass
Hello World Pass Space Bet Image and Text rotation off by -1x Pass Pass failed n examine mode Pass
Panoramic View Pass dropped down outside the cylinder dropped down can't go up or down or front or back didn't drop until u take step shifted view and field
Gravity Effect drop down until u move Pass no change until u move Pass no gravity gravity kicks in only when u move Pass
Virtual Museum Pass Pass navigation failure Pass no gravity more pixelation Pass Pass
Inline View Point Pass wrong inline Pass does not keep track of view point Pass wrong in line
Proto Instance referenced referenced script does not work copy failed copy failed - same color
Moving Box Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass
Extrusion Text Pass inside out y-axis off Pass Pass Pass Pass
Top Level Pass top level nodes are implicit Pass Pass mouse icon instead of text Pass Pass
Co-ordinate Morphs Pass Pass initial view point is off Pass Pass Pass
Color Pass Pass color does not change Pass Pass Pass Pass
Venus X3D Pass Pass no environment mapping Pass Pass Pass Pass
String X3D vertical horizontal horizontal horizontal vertical vertical horizontal
Global Annotations Pass Pass head lights on Pass does not support Pass failed
Script I/O Field close function close function

Problematic Content

Working Content


This is a summary of the issues discovered.

  • User Initial Position without a Viewpoint
  • Extrusion Implementations
  • Node fields on a proto declaration, copy or reference