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Active X3D Working Groups: Public Pages

  • Several X3D working groups are Web3D Consortium member-only, since members have agreed to the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy which effectively prevents any royalty-based technology from being adopted by X3D. This approach provides great value to the public, and also allows both companies and individual professionals to contribute to X3D directly as Web3D Consortium members.
  • Meanwhile each working group can still decide to place some work in the open. For example, all HTML5/X3DOM work is completely in the open.

X3D Working Group

  • The X3D Working Group is the main forum for coordinating all X3D specification activities.
  • This group also performs resolution of X3D specification comments, and review of X3D implementation resources.
  • Working group teleconferences are every Wednesday at 08-0900 pacific time, 16-1700 GMT on the Web3D teleconference line.
  • Cochairs: Don Brutzman and Leonard Daly
  • ISO Convener: Dick Puk

Current activities:

  • X3D Binary Compression Capabilities and Plans
  • X3D MIME-Type in X3D Working Group to get official IETF MIME-Type recognition for X3D
  • X3D version 3.3 has been finalized as an ISO Draft International Standard (DIS). In progress: final editor review to consider advancement to ISO Final Draft International Standard (FDIS)
  • X3D version 3.4 efforts are now beginning for next-generation improvements
    • X3D Multitexture is undergoing review for correctness, completeness and conformance of rendering example scenes

X3D and Augmented Reality Continuum (ARC) Working Group: AR Extensions for X3D

  • The Augmented Reality (AR) Working Group was formed to address the needs of projecting computer generated information into the real world. The Working Group focuses on utilizing and extending X3D capabilities to support augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) applications.
  • X3D and Augmented Reality wiki
  • X3D and Augmented Reality working group

X3D CAD Working Group: Computer Aided Design (CAD) Extensions for X3D

  • The X3D CAD Working Group is now in its third generation of development effort. We are developing and demonstrating best practices for exporting CAD models to X3D for Web applications.
  • X3D CAD wiki
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) working group

X3D Earth Working Group for geospatial representations

  • The X3D Earth Working Group uses the Web architecture, XML languages, and open protocols to build a standards-based X3D Earth specification usable by governments, industry, scientists, academia, and the general public. X3D-Earth efforts encompass client-side, server-side, authoring, and conversion technologies.

Vision: Make it easier to create and use 3D spatial data. Mission. Promote spatial data use within X3D via open architectures.

X3D H-Anim Working Group: Humanoid Animation (H-Anim)

  • The Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) standard supports representative human models incorporating open best practices of haptic and kinematic interfaces and a certain default skeleton pose in order to enable shared animations.
  • H-Anim wiki
  • H-Anim working group

X3D Medical Working Group: Volume visualization and Medical uses

  • The Medical Working Group is developing an open interoperable standard for the representation of human anatomy based on input from a wide variety of imaging modalities.
  • X3D Medical wiki
  • X3D Medical working group

X3D Special Interest Groups: Public Pages

X3D Special Interest groups are open to anyone interested in participating. This open approach provides great value to the public to explore new technologies and applications for X3D. It also allows both companies and individuals to contribute some technologies towards moving the X3D standard forward.

X3D and HTML5 design efforts and Declarative 3D Community Group

Numerous efforts are working to establish a solid foundation for proper X3D graphics support in HTML5.

X3D and E-Learning

Special Interest Group efforts are being discussed on the X3D mailing list

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