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The goal of this Wiki is to let the X3D and VRML community develop tutorials for X3D and VRML nodes and concepts. As a community we can write the definitive book about X3D and VRML.

  1. Anybody already registered may post a tutorial or tip - but the tutorial editor has responsibility to keep that tip current and corrected
  2. Everyone should insert their name next to their comments
    • You can add your name, with an automatic link to your user page, by typing three tildes, like this: ~~~, it gives following result: Name hh:mm, d Month yyyy (UTC)
    • It is usual to use the Discussion tab attached to every article for discussions about that article
  3. Everyone should work to keep the Wiki current and focused on X3D and VRML (no other topics please)
  4. If anybody spots newpage vandalisms, let's you will use categorization Template:PURGE when blanking newpage vandalisms. Syntax: {{PURGE}}


If you don't know how to do wiki markup, check out How to wiki.

Since anyone can edit a wiki, you should not consider anything on this wiki to be an official statement by the Web3D Consortium.